How To Install A Truck Tool Box With J Hooks (DIY Project Download)

how to install a truck tool box with j hooks 1

J hooks from home depot work nicely. don’t go drilling your baby! -mike. You end up drilling into the box and not the truck. Put some rubber or something in between the box and the plastic rail and you have a toolbox. Check whether j-bolts are placed in pre-drilled holes in the toolbox, put them in each slot if there not in position. From beneath the toolbox, position the hook of the j-bolt under the bed rail. I want to mount my cross over truck box without drilling holes in my side rails. If you were real concerned you could put them at the front and back side of the box. My brother has a tool box mounted with J-hooks and his Dakota.

how to install a truck tool box with j hooks 2Kobalt Kobalt Truck Box Mounting KitKobalt Kobalt Truck Box Mounting Kit. For my birthday I recieved a tool box for my truck. It is a DeeZee diamond plated box with a lid on each side. Mine has J bolts that hook under the truck side rails and through the box. You would drill a hole in the bottom of the portion of the toolbox that rests on the truck bed side, and insert J-hooks through to secure the box to the bedside.

Lets go over a few key features of our DeeZee blue label truck box. Ill go ahead and open up the lid and all that is left to do is install our J hook hardware and the box will be secured to our bed. If you own a truck and carry tools, chances are you know all too well what it’s like placing them haphazardly in the bed and driving off with them unsecured. Insert the rubber j-bolt plugs into the pre-drilled holes of the toolbox if they’re not already placed there. From underneath, insert the hook of the j-bolt under the bed rail and poke the threaded part up through the rubber plug. So upon opening my new toolbox for my Birthday today I find kobalt doesn’t include any kind of kit for installation and there is no mention of this. Those J hooks will bend the edge of the bed a little when you crank the tension up on them. It will go completely flush with the back of my bed and it will open up all the way without hitting the back window, its just that i can’t install it flush up against the truck with the install kit that goes with this tool box, and if i use the j hooks ill only be able to get one on each side if that because the toolbox just doesn’t have good aligning with the two holes that the toolbox should go over.

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installing truck tool box 3We sell and install toolboxes. J hooks usually come with the toolbox and that’s what we use. I see nothing wrong with the Speed Latch except you might have some difficulty drilling the hole in the toolbox in the right spot. That box was installed by a local shop and was just fastened to the bed rails with a couple of Sheet metal screws. I just bought a new 2014 Silverado a couple of days ago and want to transfer my low profile toolbox over from my previous truck. They have a J bolt that hooks under the bed rail. Add all the conveniences you expect by adding Tool Box Accessories. Truck Tool Boxes Replacement Parts Accessories Tool Box Accessories. I found a toolbox with J-hooks that were just small enough to attach inside the horizontal rails. For those who don’t know what a J hook is, it is a bolt that has a hook on the end, and is shaped like a J. For the bed box that I installed, I needed 8 J hooks. Posts: 79. Most tool boxes come with J hooks that go under the rail. Sweet box BTW. I want a black one for my truck. Put the eye bolts in a vice and turn them with a set of plieres to bend them. I hace seen the J hook style slide off before.

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I am fixing to buy a crossbed toolbox for my truck that has a headache rack.