How To Install A Wood Ceiling Over Popcorn Ceiling (DIY Project Download)

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And so much easier to apply right over the popcorn! Decided to put wood planks on the ceiling for several reasons, but love the look. Reply. Covering a popcorn ceiling is a great alternative to removing it and is an easy way to update the look of your home. They install directly over your existing popcorn ceiling in a few easy steps that you can do yourself using common household tools. They beckon with the shimmer of patterned metal, the richness of wood, and the delightful charm of beadboard. Follow this easy tutorial and learn How to DIY a Wood Plank Ceiling in any room in your home. Could you put the planks directly over the popcorn rather than scraping?

how to install a wood ceiling over popcorn ceiling 2The next step is to replicate the blue-painted wood ceiling in the inspiration photo up above, so this week, Kev and I are going to head back over there and install 165 square feet of Sea Salt-painted wood planks on the center part of the ceiling. The next step is to replicate the blue-painted wood ceiling in the inspiration photo up above, so this week, Kev and I are going to head back over there and install 165 square feet of Sea Salt-painted wood planks on the center part of the ceiling. Luan is a thin, pinkish, wood-like product and is lightweight. There are places where our ceiling looks wavy, but if you put a level against it, it’s perfectly level. I had all sorts of arguments why the planks could be just glued and nailed right over the existing ceiling. The original ceiling. Replace the wood planks with bamboo planks..BOOM.

The Easy and Affordable Way to Cover a Popcorn Ceiling. For an affordable DIY alternative that also adds character, consider covering your popcorn ceiling with wooden planks! How about all those homes where sheet rock was put over plaster without an issues. Can you cover up a popcorn ceiling instead of removing it? Summary: 1/2 drywall installed over existing popcorn-textured ceiling drywall. Summary: Individual natural wood pine planks from a home improvement store. But at the time with no skills (and no guts), I had the install done for me. You’re going to be left with some gaps in between wood slats as well as nail holes, so filling them in will improve the finish. I spot primed over the nail holes with a brush, then rolled the entire ceiling with finishing paint, following with brush strokes to remove the orange peel texture.

Popcorn Ceiling To Plank Ceiling

how to install a wood ceiling over popcorn ceiling 3Our kitchen ceiling is around 420 sq ft, but I ended up getting extra so I could do the dining area wall, my studio, and a wall in the living room (and hopefully have enough leftover for an accent wall in our bedroom). Wednesday: Buy and install trim for dining wall, finish spackling and sanding windows and dining wall, caulk all seams. We have standard 8 foot ceilings but I wouldn’t let height stop you! The good thing about planks is that they cover whatever issues you have going on so you can go right over the popcorn. There are several reasons to cover your popcorn ceilings. For a total style upgrade, cover the ceiling with wood paneling or wood planks. Nothing dates a home faster than a popcorn ceiling. This textured ceiling is often one of the most visible, unbroken surfaces in a room, which makes them even more noticeable than other areas of the. Tips and instructions for covering a popcorn ceiling with Cypress v-groove wood boards. Plus it looks great with our new Barn Light light fixtures in the kitchen and a 50-year old copper fixture over our dining area recycled from my parents home. So when I saw Kevin and Layla’s post about installing wood ceilings in their dining room, I knew I could make it happen. I am so glad to see that it works over popcorn ceilings! Several readily available, easy-to-install materials will help you do either of the above. Common choices include stamped-metal ceiling panels, plywood paneling, tongue-and-groove board paneling, acoustical tiles and planks, along with various wallcoverings and fabrics. The most popular of these materials is a type of wood board paneling known as either beadboard or plank paneling. Does a popcorn ceiling need preparation before installing the beadboard?

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Wood Ceiling 101: How To Install Tongue & Groove Paneling. We’re going over a popcorn ceiling and want to paint the boards white and then install white painted beams. I did the plank ceiling A.) because we had some sloppy drywall and a strange textured ceiling, B. We used the Pine Ridge Solid Wood Planking with a V-Groove from Home Depot. There is a lot of holding one end of a floppy board with cramping shoulders while your cohort tries to fit a tongue into a groove as a nail gun is hanging precariously over your new wood floors from your sweatpants that may fall down in front of your dad due to the weight of the nail gun. It’s a great bang for the buck and is an easy way to hide popcorn ceilings or drywall that was installed by someone who wasn’t very detail-oriented. Step by step instructions for covering over popcorn ceiling using joint compound. Homeowners can cover over popcorn ceiling with plaster. Home Remodeling Improvement Ideas with Wood Ceiling Beams and Wooden Ceilings. B: The ceilings are coffered or clad with beadboard or tongue-and-groove wood painted white. Beadboard is an affordable way to go directly over unsightly popcorn or stippled ceilings. Once installed, they give the look of a custom, stained wood ceiling.

Before I added the wood slat ceiling, my ceiling was really in sad shape. I have even checked on paintable wallpaper that looks like tin& can be faue paintedit says it can be put on ceilings but nobody will answer if I can put it on the popcorn it is prepasted however I believe if vi went this rought I Would Have To Primer the popcorn ceiling with a GOOD primer! PLEASE HELP!!! THANKS AGAIN BEVG. Beadboard Planks Over Popcorn Ceiling DIY. November 28, 2015. You can install beadboard planking directly on top of your textured ceilings. This DIY gives you step-by-step instructions. We also had to plot out a pattern (as you would when laying wood floor). Check for asbestos, then weigh options from DIY popcorn ceiling removal to professional removal and drywall finishing. Could you give me more detail of how you did this, how thick was the drywall, was it NOT necessary to apply adhesive, how did you find the studs?? I have thought of doing something like this but a guy put up a wood-look ceiling tile in one room and I thought it was going OVER the popcorn but he scraped it saying it was necessary as he wouldn’t be able to find the studs and the adhesive would not hold. A revolutionary installation system that screws directly into any ceiling material including cement, plaster, drywall, or popcorn, with no mess or stress, it eliminates the cost of installing a wood substrate first. The first redesign of the classic embossed metal ceiling tile in over 150 years, with just the proper screws, anyone that can use a screwdriver can have a beautiful new embossed metal ceiling up within hours. Popcorn ceilings were really popular back in the day, although many people had them sprayed on to hide defects in the ceiling, supposedly-deaden sound, or give that "cozy" appearance to a room that was a little too barren. I surprised my wife by having her walk in from a long day at work to find me covered in sloppy wet oatmeal-like popcorn ceiling plaster and the furniture all over the house, but she wasn’t mad and it turned out to be a very easy DIY project!   ((Warning: Popcorn applied before 1978 MUST BE TESTED for asbestos and other chemicals common to the product in the 60’s/70’s. It’s the best remedy – short of installing new drywall! On treated hardwood floors, a warm water bucket with citrus cleaner will do a nice job, and a shop-vacuum (wet / dry vac) gets the dust. I’ve got an ugly popcorn ceiling that I want to do something with. They are nailed in with 2 inch brad nails onto the joists in the ceiling.