How To Install Desk Drawers (DIY Project Download)

I find I never have to worry about the drawer tipping out or binding the way I do with other systems. With that said, they are also extremely easy to install. I would like to install new drawer boxes with side mounted, soft closing glides. You are missing parts. The black pieces are called races and the ball bearings sit in little hole in them. The race sit between the cabinet and drawer members and act as the rolling assemblage that the drawer slides out on.

how to install desk drawers 2Drawer runners support a drawer as it slides open or closed while ensuring a smooth motion. After you have decided on the type of drawer runner you want to install, the actual installation of the drawer runner is not complicated. How to Fix Desk Drawers. The way I do it is install the base cabinet then cleat the right wall level with the base cabCut the cleat 3/4 shorter than the depth of the drawerMake sure that the cleat is really secured to the wallThe cleat is going to hold the weight on that side. Attach the solid stock to the right side of the desk drawer unit in a similar manner to left side. On the desk, each module has one file drawer and two utility drawers.

You can install drawer runners in almost any cabinet if you choose bottom-mount style. Instead, why not just put an outlet in the drawer itself and save yourself some trouble? You can follow Adam Dachis, the author of this post, on,, and. People who need a desk with drawers also need a filing drawer or at the very least a pencil drawer in the knee space.

Installing Drawer Runners

If you can install a towel bar, you can install a Phantom Lock! Knobs and drawer pulls range dramatically in price, you can find them from as little as. If you’re going to be installing them in the kitchen be sure to choose something that can be easily cleaned, avoid intricate knobs with carvings that dirt and grime can get stuck in.

How To Install Drawer Runners In A Cabinet