How To Install Truck Tool Box With J Bolts (DIY Project Download)

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A truck tool box installation is simple and can be completed yourself in just a matter of minutes. From underneath the box, inset the hook the j-bolt under the bed rail and poke the threaded part through the rubber plug. Check whether j-bolts are placed in pre-drilled holes in the toolbox, put them in each slot if there not in position. Fix the toolbox on the bed rail and make sure its bottom is well padded by the foam material. If you own a truck and carry tools, chances are you know all too well what it’s like placing them haphazardly in the bed and driving off with them unsecured. Insert the rubber j-bolt plugs into the pre-drilled holes of the toolbox if they’re not already placed there.

how to install truck tool box with j bolts 2Well I just picked up a new to me truck and I want to get a tool box for the back but when it comes to mounting it I dont know what to do. The truck has a bedliner in it and I do not want to cut it to use J hooks. Its gotta be bolted but also easy enough for me to remove when I need the extra space. (Write-Up) Tool Box Mounting Using J-Hooks. Discussion in ‘2nd Gen. Step 1- Place Box onto truck bed as close to the cab as possible, and even with regards to its horizontal alignment. Step 8- Bolt down the J-hook to the box. Just bought a tool box off my coworker and was wonderin if you guys know how to install it with a bedliner in. Are you guys talking about j bolts? or j hooks? cus theres a big difference.

We include four heavy-duty J bolt anchors and hardware with every box. What kind of box is it? Most boxes I have seen come with ‘J’ bolts that you insert through predrilled holes on the box, and the lower tip of the J goes under your bed rail. Mounting Tool Chest Aftermarket Products. It is amazing how well it holds and you’d really be surprised at the minimal bouncing sound some people have with j bolts and such.

Mounting A Truck Tool Box

Toolbox Mounting Log In Log In User Name Remember Me? Password Register. You could use a j bolt to hold the tool box on. The biggest problem with the j bolts is that they can bend the inside lip of the bed if used without the bed liner. So upon opening my new toolbox for my Birthday today I find kobalt doesn’t include any kind of kit for installation and there is no mention of this. I am sure you know what a J-bolt is but if by some chance someone is searching for this topic and doesn’t, here is a picture of a J-bolt. It will go completely flush with the back of my bed and it will open up all the way without hitting the back window, its just that i can’t install it flush up against the truck with the install kit that goes with this tool box, and if i use the j hooks ill only be able to get one on each side if that because the toolbox just doesn’t have good aligning with the two holes that the toolbox should go over. Run the j hook bolt under the rails and through the hole in the box then screw down the nut and washer and tighten. Review of the DeeZee Blue Label Crossover Truck Bed Toolbox. Now here’s how the hardware will go on once our J bolt installed in the box. For example, the size and mounting style of the box determines how much room is left open in the truck bed, which in turn affects the size and type of cargo the truck can carry. Most truck bed tool boxes attach to the truck by means of a simple J-bolt,, but some require bolt holes to be drilled in the truck. I just purchased my first tool box and plan on installing it myself. I have a one piece truck liner that fits perfectly over all the rails. In addition, he told me that most truck boxes are installed using only 2 on each side. One on each side. You can use J bolts that will grab the rail.

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It came with 2 J hooks that I promptly installed just to get the box mounted. Stainless bolts, big washers and wingnuts and call it a day. That box was installed by a local shop and was just fastened to the bed rails with a couple of Sheet metal screws. I just bought a new 2014 Silverado a couple of days ago and want to transfer my low profile toolbox over from my previous truck. Use a decent size J bolt with a large fender washer and nut inside the tool box. But do you have to drill into the body of the truck to put a toolbox in? The only catch is I don’t know if you can J-Hook it or you have to drill which I’d like to avoid. I have never seen a tool box that had to be secured down by bolts.