How To Install Vinyl Siding Over Wood Siding (DIY Project Download)

On existing houses, old vinyl or metal siding must be removed, but vinyl can be installed over old wood siding without removing it. Installing vinyl over wood siding does require considerable preparation and also may require adjusting window and door frames for a wider wall. A current trend in home remodeling is doing away with wood siding and installing vinyl siding on the exterior of homes. It’s no wonder why; vinyl siding needs no maintenance, and is rot, UV and insect resistant source: Feirer. Hi, I’m looking to put vinyl sidings over a 21yr. old house w/ existing wood siding. I know this is a DIY forum but I’m not going to do it myself. I’ve.

how to install vinyl siding over wood siding 2When I pressed him to clarification about properly re-siding the place (and NOT just trying to put vinyl over the existing wood) he stalled a couple times and then finally responded. Q-Recently I had vinyl siding installed on my home. Since then I have been told that dampness will gather behind the vinyl and rot the wood parts of the home. One contractor said I need to remove all of the wood siding, put up plywood on top of the blackboard to reinforce the structure and then put the new siding on top of that. We put Alcoa vinyl siding over wood the first time and within 2 years it changed color from brown to pink.

When first exploring a siding installation project many homeowners assume the best way to install vinyl siding is right on top of their existing wood shingles or clapboard. No siding manufacturer voids a warranty for installing siding over existing siding. Look beyond the never-to-be-settled debate over siding’s merits/sins. That’s exactly why a wood guy like This Old House general contractor Tom Silva put vinyl on his house 20 years ago.

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how to install vinyl siding over wood siding 3As discussed in the article How to Install Vinyl and Aluminum Siding, sheathing or backerboard normally provide the necessary rigidity and surface. In some cases, notably when the board width of the new siding matches the home’s existing wood lap siding, vinyl or aluminum can be installed directly over the existing material. It’s not hard to learn the steps for installing vinyl siding. Going over existing wood siding or stucco is possible, although it’s sometimes necessary to install vertical furring strips first. Attaching vinyl shake siding over wood siding on house. Continue installing rows of siding from the bottom up, overlapping any joints. When installing new siding, you may wonder: is it possible to put siding, particularly vinyl siding, over existing wood siding or shingles? I haven’t had one company ask about removing the old siding. They all would just put the vinyl over it, with a layer of insulation between. When doing this, insulation is first installed over your original wood siding (giving you double the insulation value). The vinyl is then applied on top of this insulation.

Installing Vinyl Siding Over Wood Clapboard Or Shingles

Over two billion square feet of vinyl siding is produced each year in the USA. This is especially true if you are installing vinyl over an existing brick or wood sided house. Our garage is sided with T-111 plywood siding. Can vinyl siding be put directly over the T-111 or what other steps would need to be taken? Census Bureau, vinyl siding is the principal exterior wall material on 36 of new single-family houses more than any other type of wall cladding and four times as common as wood. The typical cost of installed average house siding will vary by siding material, its finish quality, the house size, the number of windows and doors, the insulation, climate, the amount of decorative detail, the labor rate and whether or not the material in question needs to be painted or primed by the installer. However, while it is possible to install vinyl siding over wood siding to potentially reduce costs, this is not advisable; any issues beneath the existing siding could cause the new installation to fail.

Had an inspection this morning on a property circa 1989 wood frame construction. For years, vinyl and metal siding has been installed over old pine clapboard in my area with 7500 degree days heating and essentially no cooloing degree days. It is generally acceptable to put vinyl over the siding. I have inspected several homes with vinyl installed over old wood siding and Masonite siding and have found no installation-related problems.