How To Install Wood Paneling In A Van (DIY Project Download)

The first step was, of course, to insulate the walls, the floor and the ceiling of the van to keep the warmth in. We have had the van since November 2013 now, and finished installing the insulation and wood paneling walls (instructables to come. This means there was only one material we wanted to use for the walls and ceiling of the van: CEDAR PANELS! Cedar is also a great wood for a mobile ski cabin since it has a great reaction to humidity (and smells amazing when we boil water in the morning for tea and coffee). I think the insulation we put behind the cedar paneling helped as well. Cargo vans are common choices for camper conversion projects. They are a good choice for boondocking or stealth camping as their appearance does not advertise See more about Hot Shots, Wood Paneling and Vans.

how to install wood paneling in a van 2ProMaster Camper Van Conversion — Installing the Wall and Ceiling Paneling. We did think about wood paneling, but our last couple RV’s have been wood paneled and we decided to try something different. I think that plywood paneling is a little more forgiving to work with than this hardboard paneling with a vinyl skin that we used. This is the current view inside my van. I Just held the foam board in place with painter’s masking tape until I put up the wood panels. I laid the paper out on a piece of my wood paneling and cut it to fit the full 4ftx8ft panel. I’ll show you how to install flooring, insulation, paneling, and a light-blocking curtain between the cab and living area. Although OSB doesn’t have a natural grain, look at the way the wood chips are aligned and make the longest side run from the front of the van to the back.

The first step in most conversions is to panel and insulate the van. Bear in mind at this point that you might also want to run hidden wiring for your electrics (e.g.ceiling lights) and install structural timbers for your furniture to be built onto. I’ve seen all the blissfully simple-looking paneling photos and tutorials floating around the internet — and they all look simple. To install I then put the reflectix panels in the window first and then the NRP panel on afterwards and used the original nuts to hold it on. Here’s how to fit wooden cladding in your van, campervan, motorhome. I show you some tricks to use along the way with step by step pictures. After fitting the wooden frame for the cladding walls (see post), it’s time to fit the cladding. Thanks so much for putting all the info up.

Promaster Diy Camper Van Conversion

There were two goals in mind when we started putting in the walls and floors of the van: the first was to insulate the space better than a home, the second was to make it look like a home. In single digit temps we can burrow under a down comforter without lighting a fire (details on the wood burning stove will be left to another post) and our body heat keeps the space comfortably warm. Insulation inside the door panel. The wood paneling looks much better than straight plywood or other lighter plastic materials. Lastly, using a router and square bit, I put a thin indent on each side of the board to split each panel up. We’ve had several people ask us Why put cedar in there? To attach the cedar panels, our solution were 6 wood screws with finishing washers. How about if I install it onto the backside of my wood paneling facing outward over the cotton insulation. DIY customized conversion of a van into a cool camper. Why not build your own?. Once I did get started, though, they were soon welded up and a new plywood floor was laid. I could sketch out the design on the wood floor with a marker pen and follow the plans. With the main build complete, we now concentrated on adding those finishing touches that start to make things a bit more homey. With the carpets in, it really began to feel finished and everything after that was a pleasure. I wonder if there is a 3rd party making a pop top for panel vans in Europe. Just around the three year mark of life in my van Leviathan, I decided to remodel the interior. I wanted healthy, natural products, including formaldehyde-free wood paneling and flooring, natural stains, and no fiberglass insulation. This cable needs to be lengthened and dealt with to install a swivel seat.

Panelling & Insulating The Van

Insulating Walls of Van and Wood Paneling – YouTube. Sep 26, 2010. Insulating Walls of Van and Wood Paneling – YouTube. Thinking of doing something like this. The installation of ceiling and wall paneling in my 1998 Chevy Astro van with 8 ft Pine Planks in build 4 of my camper van build series. We first pre-drilled the holes with our power drill and hand tightened the screws to avoid damaging the wood. Hi there I’ve just insulated my van with 3 layers of bubblewrap and a top layer of polystyrene. Ply on top. I want to put a small woodburner in but have been told that polystyrene is highly flammable. I was very lucky that I only had to replace windscreens, seats, wood paneling etc and not the whole vehicle. I won’t be leaving the rice unattended again.