How To Keep Cat Litter From Tracking (DIY Project Download)

how to keep cat litter from tracking 1

Litter tracking is one of the most common complaints cat owners have. No matter where you keep your cat’s litter box, somehow litter ends up everywhere – on the floors, in your shoes, even in your bed! There’s nothing quite like having to brush litter bits off the bottoms of your feet before you put on your socks. No one likes finding cat litter tracked all across a floor. Learn how to prevent tracking and keep your floors clean! Are you finding litter behind doors, in hallways, and on the bed? No need to blame Kitty — he can’t help tracking it around. But you can put an end to it with a few litter box adjustments.

how to keep cat litter from tracking 2Do you have a tip for how you keep all the litter in the kitty litter box? Stop your cat from tracking litter throughout your house with these quick tips. Are you tired of cat litter getting tracked all over the floor? In this article, you will learn seven easy ways to keep cat litter in the box.

Some people have a spare bathroom and keep the litter box in the bathtub. If that’s not feasible, Catster recommends keeping the litter box inside a plastic baby pool, which would serve the same purpose as the bathtub; your cat can dig and fling with reckless abandon and the litter will stay contained. How do you deal with cat litter scatter and tracking? Looking for the best kitty litter-tracking solutions. It doesn’t eliminate litter from escaping the box, but it keeps it confined to a pretty limited area, and stops me from stepping on litter when I walk into the bathroom. How to Keep Cat Litter from Tracking. Even though she does not mean to do it, your cat may be tracking litter all over your home after she uses her box.

Kitty Litter Is Driving Me Nuts!

how to keep cat litter from tracking 3Because I keep reading about certain kinds of kitty litter that aren’t, like clumping litter, cedar litter, etc. I have the problem of both cats tracking litter around too and have tried the mats- but they jump over it!! They absolutely refuse to step on it and it drives me bonkers! I can’t use a hooded one because Aslan, my big one:-), he insists on peeing while perched on the very edge of the box. It keeps all of the litter contained and because the lid lifts up, it makes cleaning the area very easy.   Everyone who owns cats knows about the problem of litter kicked out of regular cat boxes and tracked around on cat paws. I’m wondering about what the ideal kitty litter would be for these types of living situations. Cats Rule Perfect Litter Mats feature a soft ribbed surface that opens up their paws to capture the litter, keeping it on the mat and not around your house. Find out how to get rid of litter tracking from your kitty! In the US, cat owners are encouraged to keep their beloved companions indoors mostly because of the tremendous list of hazards that pose a threat to a cat’s safety. RequestLPT Request: How to keep cat litter from getting all over your apartment. Place the litter box somewhere you can contain the tracking.

Tips For Controlling Cat Litter Scatter

It’s definitely cut down on litter tracking, especially since we use a wheat litter. My two cats use their litter box as they should, but I needed ways to keep cats from tracking litter all over. Each time they exit the box, particles stick to their feet and in between their toes. Though there’s no foolproof way to keep cats from tracking litter around the house, you can often reduce the amount of litter by. Tips and Tricks to Prevent Kitten from Leaving Cat Litter in the House.

So, I wanted to share these 5 ways to minimize cat litter tracking. 1. I keep a small vacuum to the side of the box and just do a quick run over whenever I scoop. This feline-friendly mat features antimicrobial protection to kill germs and bacteria odor, keeping your cat healthy and your home fresh. Anyone who shares their home with a cat will attest to the fact that there are few things more irritating than crawling into bed at night only to find the sheets scattered with cat litter! Or, walking.