How To Keep Chicken Coop From Smelling (DIY Project Download)

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The smell is never bad (the straw scent covers it, and smells wonderful), and on the in-between days of not adding a new layer, I will throw some scratch on top, so the girls do the turning and aereating, themselves. The key to keep the poop from smelling, whether in the coop or run is to keep it dry. Obviously, keeping your coop cleaned and your bedding fresh is the best tip we can offer. You want your bedding to decompose only after you have moved it to your compost pile; you don’t want it composting underneath your chickens! A key to keeping chickens healthy and odor free is the proper use of coop bedding, or litter as it’s usually called. There are many types of litter but to function well all must be able to absorb some moisture, insulate the floor from cold, and give chickens a chance to dust.

how to clean chicken coop floor 2Then, the smell seemed to cling to her freshly laundered bedsheets and followed her inside. So, I want to reassure you, that keeping the chicken coop clean is as about as time-consuming as caring for a canary. When keeping chickens or other animals, flies are an expected nuisance, but there are steps that can be taken to reduce the overall fly population, thereby limiting the risks of disease they carry. Posts about how to stop the chicken run from smelling written by The Garden Smallholder.

To some extent, you would be sure that the chances of bad smell are low. The air would also keep the chicken coop cool in summers; ultimately, you are preventing heat stress too. Any tricks of the trade to keep the coop fresher? The best my chicken coop ever smelled was after the hens ate a bunch of garlic scapes! As my chickens are located quite close to my neighbours garden I want to do everything possible to reduce or avoid smells. I think the secret of a smell free run is to keep it dry.

How To Keep Your Urban Chicken Coop Clean & Fresh

Fortunately, there are plenty of natural products you can use to keep your coop clean, smelling fresh and free of mites and other parasites. Supplies Needed:. Chickens themselves do not smell- only their feces that have the potential to stink, which is also true of feces from dogs, cat. But unlike dogs and cats, who leave waste on the lawns. With proper practices, no small scale chicken coop should EVER smell strongly enough that neighbors would notice. The floor of your chicken coop might be dirt, wood or concrete. On top of that goes bedding. The right bedding can also keep the hens occupied. You’ll know if they’re working okay if the air in your coop smells fresh and feels dry. The first thing they did when we got them into the kennel to take home was to lay the biggest, foulest-smelling, fist-sized poop. I thought we may have made a huge mistake; there was no way we could have eight chickens pooping that much around our property! Researching poultry health and nutrition led me to this thread on the BackYardChickens. Keep in mind eggs won’t always be a guarantee; chickens respond differently to daylight, temperature, stress and age. The common myth that chickens smell is egg-sactly that – a myth!

How To Get Rid Of Bad Smell In Chicken Coop-litter Management In Summer

Want to clean your chicken coop, but don’t want to use bleach? Me neither. Here’s how I keep things shiny, without the nasty fumes. If a dirt floor is used i put dehydrated lime on it to keep it smelling fresh. Do things right and you’ll keep the smell down, make cleaning easy and fast, and keep you and your chickens happier and healthier. Our Top 10 Reasons To Keep A Rooster. Fortunately, there are many ways to clean a chicken coop, based on your location, housing and the number of birds you keep. To start the deep litter method, sprinkle barn lime to help with odor and fly control.