How To Keep Kitty Litter From Tracking (DIY Project Download)

I’m wondering about what the ideal kitty litter would be for these types of living situations. It helps keep the litter and smell inside and I can use it as a shelf in my bathroom! Both of those do grab a lot of litter, but I still get litter tracked. Because I keep reading about certain kinds of kitty litter that aren’t, like clumping litter, cedar litter, etc. Find out how to get rid of litter tracking from your kitty! This means that we have to keep an indoor litter box, bringing with it all of the hassles of cleaning it.

how to keep kitty litter from tracking 2HERE’S A QUICK WAY TO STOP CAT LITTER TRACKING FOREVER Let me share my little secret with you: I’m a cr. To keep clumping kitty litter from sticking to the bottom of the pan, spray it with non-stick cooking spray before adding the litter. We used to keep one of the litter boxes in the kid’s bathroom, but even after putting it in a large storage container with high sides and using one of those no-track mats, the litter would stick to the cat’s feet and end up all over the bathroom floor when they jumped out of the storage container. StopTrax is a litter-containment system that stops litter in its tracks! Invented by a cat owner, StopTrax is easy to use and virtually eliminates all tracked litter!

A Quick Way To Stop Cat Litter Tracking Forever

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