How To Keep Your Chicken Coop Clean (DIY Project Download)

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Fortunately, there are many ways to clean a chicken coop, based on your location, housing and the number of birds you keep. Here are some methods you can try on your farm. I regularly recommend your blog to the folks I mentor with chickens as a concise, easy-to-follow, easy-to -search resource!. Nor do you want to use chemicals when you clean your chicken coop, no matter how dirty it gets. Fortunately, there are plenty of natural products you can use to keep your coop clean, smelling fresh and free of mites and other parasites.

how to keep your chicken coop clean 2It takes minutes but keeps the coop nice and clean. What tools do you use to clean your chicken coop? If you can get your hands on some Thieves All-Purpose Cleaner, awesome! A little bit goes a long way. How do you clean out your chicken coop? Leave a comment!. The All-Natural Way To Clean And Refresh Your Chicken Coop. A bucket or cleaning caddy can keep these organized and help you avoid having to search for things at the last minute.

Cleaning the coop & the ‘Deep Litter Method of over-wintering your birds. Obviously, keeping your coop cleaned and your bedding fresh is the best tip we can offer. Make sure to use pine shavings, and not straw: straw is not absorbent and rots quickly. I am cleaning it all the time just trying to keep it clean but it get really hard packed and it gets really tiring cleaning it! The floor is dirt and there is no way my Mum is going to put wood or anything on the floor because we are planing on building a coop in the next 2 years so what can I do to make it more clean??? Do I just have to clean it every day digging out the poo???. The litter will break down and become dirt, which you can use on your garden and such.

How To Clean A Chicken Coop

At the very least, your chickens need the following conditions to stay clean. Keep nest boxes clean at all times as well, and frequently replace any dirty or lost bedding. Chickens are shooed from the coop for cleaning. Keeping a clean home for your flock is very important for their health and your health. On your small farm, use a deep litter method to compost your pine shavings, straw or hay in place in your chicken coop and keep it smelling clean. It is important to keep your chicken coop clean as a build up of droppings will cause a buildup of ammonia, and this ammonia can be damaging to your hens respiratory system and eyes. There is plenty of information about keeping a chicken coop clean, but what if the healthiest way to keep chickens didn’t involve the daily or even weekly. It’s not really a matter of compost, but a matter of health for your chickens. If you are worried about using harsh chemicals to clean your coop, try using some of these natural remedies instead!. Ahh Coop Sweet Coop, please see keep returning to our page!

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Tips and advice on cleaning out your Chicken Coop for health and hygiene. Anything a chicken-owner can do to keep a coop clean is a good thing. How To Make Your Chicken Coop Not Smell Chicken Coop plan idea. I built our first chicken coop using recycled lumber and chicken wire (poultry mesh), and set it directly on the ground. Today we have a coop which is raised 4′ off the ground with a drop-down floor for easy cleaning.