How To Line Up Drawer Slides (DIY Project Download)

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How can I make sure I install them accurately so that the drawer fits nicely and lines up right where I want it? If someone could provide a clear, complete tutorial it would be a big help to me and lots of other people. The cabinet should be assembled to the point of installing the drawer slides. If the drawer fronts are inset (flush with the face of the cabinet), the slides will need to be located 3/4 from the front edge. I am in the process of installing my first set of drawer slides. I have tried it unsuccessfully in the past, so I am asking for some tricks of the trade.

how to line up drawer slides 2Skill Builder: Before you get to the stage where you are fitting the drawer slides to the project, you will have had to build the drawer and the cavity that will house it. Remove old drawers and drawer slides from inside the cabinet. 2. Screw the metal drawer-slide brackets to the inside, rear of the cabinet. 3. Set the retention clips in place against underside of drawer. Cabinetmaker Nancy Hiller showed us step-by-step how she installs door and drawer hardware to make here cabinets open and close perfectly.

For the installation of drawer slides, is there a sure-fire technique that ensures alignment between the half of the slide on the drawer box and the half of the slide on the carcase? In other words, what’s an accurate way (vertically) to locate the slide on the drawer box? The order of the slide installation is to mount the slides to the carcase first and then locate the slides on the drawer boxes. Mark the drawer box sides with a line centered top to bottom, mount the drawer side hardware. When I mark the sides, I lay all the side pieces next to one another and lined up top to bottom, then, mark them all at the same time, using a good dry wall square. Join us on Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with our most recent projects and sneak peeks! Drawer runners support a drawer as it slides open or closed while ensuring a smooth motion.

Installing Drawer Slides

how to line up drawer slides 3One of the simple things I have always struggled with is installing drawer slides square and with the proper set back. I know there are plenty of jigs available, but they tend to be manufacturer specific and I never stock up so I end up using different brands based on availability. These drawer slides fit into a rebate in the drawer sides. To build the drawer, you simply predrill holes in the bottom for attaching the slides (location of predrilled holes is given with instructions). Installing Center Mount Mono Rail Drawer Slides (Tri-roller) Note: Monorail drawer slides can also be suspended from the top of the drawer casing. If you wish to do this click here. Installing side mount drawer slides into an existing cabinet is a bit of a challenge. Follow these steps to make the job a bit easier. Ball bearing drawer slides are often used in metal furniture as they are more durable and able to hold larger weights, fitting them is still a relatively simple process.

Drawer Slide Installation & Alignment