How To Line Up Garage Door Sensor (DIY Project Download)

The photo eye consists of two sensors, one on either side of the garage door, about 6 inches above the ground. Try adjusting the unlit sensor by manipulating it slightly with your hand. NOTE: If you are unable to get the door closed and the safety sensors are the issue, the garage door can be closed by pressing and holding the door control push bar until down travel is completed. When checking or adjusting your garage door sensor alignment, do it in the early evening so you can see the indicator lights. You will need to see the indicators to know if the unit is functioning correctly the indicator light will blink if not aligned or remain lit if it is aligned.

how to line up garage door sensor 2Plug in the motor unit of the garage door opener. Adjust the safety sensor’s photoelectric eyes so the indicator lights on the sending eye and receiving eye glow steadily. After the installation was complete, I found that the new sensors were extremely easy to line up and I also noticed the light on the receiver sensor was much brighter than I had ever noticed before with the old set. Well these sensors are making the garage door not work when its lowered.

Garage door would not close and safety sensors were red and green. Cause of the problem was a crack in the motor, overheating, and failed garage door rollers. The garage door closes down to the floor, hesitates and reverses back up to the open position. How to Set Limits on the new line of Genie Garage Door Openers. When the infra-red sensors are malfunctioning, usually one of the sensor lights will be blinking. Anyone have any tips or tricks on lining up the sensors for the garage doors? figured i would ask here first.

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