How To Make A Barn Door Baby Gate (DIY Project Download)

LOVE!! barn door baby gate or pet gate!! Our pets and baby have outgrown the Dutch door we made at our house, but now it serves as a noise block from the AC/heater, without blocking to much air for the return. A strong, durable handmade Rustic Barn Door Baby Gate in Rustic Black! We can add a monogram, make a hinged gate, or a saloon style gate (please see all of our listings for all options here).

how to make a barn door baby gate 2This Barn Door Baby Gate is an adorable way to keep your baby safe! Tutorial included!!! I am currently past the days where we need a baby gate for any of our rooms but this was just too adorable not to share with you. You never know, we could decide 2 little ones is not enough and have another!. Baby gates have a tendency to be eyesores in otherwise beautiful homes. So we loved this idea, gleaned from the folks at Remodelaholic, for a gorgeous barn-door baby gate that’s perfect for farmhouses or new homes with a little country charm.

There is nothing wrong with using a plastic baby gate, but for about the same cost Sam built this rustic, barn door version. A couple of other things we he did were to distress the wood hammering on to screws and other odds and ends and he put hinges on the outside of the door to make it look even more rustic. I have a huge collection of baby gates and have been temporarily using a compression one at the bottom of the steps, but it was just SO UGLY. A barn door wouldn’t really match, so I went with an alternative, simpler look. DIY Barn Door Baby Gate (Plans and photos!) +4KrystalRoss.

Barn Door Baby Gate

There are free plans so with very thorough directions and photos in a step by step manner making it easy to follow. This is so much more stylish then many baby gates you see on the market. Baby gates are kind of ugly, let’s be honest! So when our Frenchie puppy (who turns 1 next week) started stealing Harper’s toys out of her room and the playroom we decided the only way to keep her out was to put a gate of some sort up. I have a surplus of rustic privacy fence I’ve been trying to creatively give new life. If you have a child or a pet that you need to keep away from an unsafe area this can be a great DIY project for you!. Barn Door Baby Gate. The Little Red Door- Baby Gate. These DIY Baby Gates are made from old Kitchen Louvre Doors and they couldn’t be easier to make! They’re a great recycle idea that will keep the little ones safe from the stairs plus save you dollars. We’ve also included a Baby Gate Barn Door Tutorial that comes with free plans for you to try. Joanne pocket door for dogs or kids. possibly build in a track in wall next to stairs and some door hinges and a latch to close off stairs. This is a lot nicer looking then a baby gate.

Lesley Graham: Barn Door Stair Gate

Make a custom barn door baby gate to add a little character to your home. In fact my daughter has been known to punish her dolls by making them wear all white or all grey. Labels: baby, barndoor baby gate, green, home decor, painted baby gate, wooden baby gate, woodworking, yellow. Scott, my husband, is an AMAZING DIY handyman. A DIY Barn Door Track Tutorial that will leave you with a gorgeous custom piece that looks like something out of a design magazine. Nate uses Gentlemint to find and share manly things. Get started today.

Tired of those plastic baby gates they sell at Target or Wal-Mart? Well here’s how to make a nice, rustic barn door style baby gate all by yourself. List of Tools:.