How To Make A Billy Bookcase (DIY Project Download)

Get the tutorial. Awesome DIY Library Wall for Less Than 600. Kristen used IKEA Billy Bookshelves and added trim. I’ve been working on the Ikea Billy bookcases this week and got them all put together, so I wanted to share a bit of that process with you in case you’ve never put together anything from Ikea before. It’s not rocket science and if you follow the pictures in their booklets, you can do it too. How to build a faux wall of built-in bookcases using IKEA billy bookshelves to create beautiful shelving. Full tutorial and how to do it in this post.

how to make a billy bookcase 2I’ve followed along exactly as shown in IKEA’s instructions included in the kit, but here we have the advantage of close-up photos and photo-notes. UK and IKEA USA are happy to announce the launch of a contest to celebrate the 30th birthday of the iconic BILLY bookcase. See how we made our IKEA BILLY Bookcase Library Wall. Full instructions on how to make them look built-in and details on library light sources and more. Billy, where have you been all my life? I’m a latecomer to Billy bookcases but it turns out they have been around for 30+ years. The factory that produces the Billy bookshelf makes 15 Billys a minute. That’s 3.1 million a year!

See how easy it is to transform the Ikea Billy bookcase into 11 custom-looking pieces – wall units, kitchen islands and more. Creating an Ikea built-in Billy bookshelf is something I have wanted to do in this room for years. As much as I would love to have cute shelves showing off fun coordinating tchotchkes, these bookshelves will contain 100 books! So let the fun begin!. Before beginning the process of shopping for supplies to build a DIY Billy bookcase, measure the width and height of the wall. Accurate measurements allow the builder to get an idea of how much wood he or she needs to complete the project.

Ikea Billy Bookshelf Assembly How-to & Help

My mister and I spent the weekend tackling a storage solution we’ve been meaning to get to fo. How To Make IKEA Bookcases Look Not IKEA: We went with 3 IKEA Billy Bookcases and used moulding to make them look like one, big piece. Hacking the Ikea Billy has been done before (my friend, Kristin, did a beautiful version) but with this being an older home, we had several obstacles to overcome. This billy bookcase built-in is Amazing! They built the billy bookcase around the fireplace and it turned out great! Learn more! Let’s face it, who doesn’t have a Billy bookcase? Or at least an imitation of one? This singularly bland piece of furniture is so popular that Ikea’s furniture factory in Sandhem, Sweden, churns out 15 of them every minute. I told them to give me a weekend, a trip to Ikea, lots of power tools, and we could make this happen. Needless to say it was my kind of weekend:).

Transform Your Ikea Billy Bookcase With These 11 Fun Diy Projects

He was only the fourth employee at IKEA and went on to design the Billy Bookcase in 1978; they make 15 of them every minute and by its 30th anniversary in 2009 they had sold 41 million of them. No word on how many are still standing. Last year I got my first look at the Billy-to-built-in Ikea hack on Centsational Girl. As soon as I saw it I knew it was the answer I had been looking for.