How To Make A Cereal Box Cover (DIY Project Download)

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This time I’ve got for you a fun tutorial, we’ll create a cereal box design from scratch, using only Photoshop. We will render several fruit flavored cereal loops using the Photoshop’s CS4 Extended 3D tools, apply textures to the loops, bump the surfaces and mock-up them into a real 2D image. Cereal Box – Customize This Template. Cereal Box. Upgrade. Remove watermark, enlarge image, get High Definition images. PrevNext. Change Photo. Red helps people feel like they have the power to make.

how to make a cereal box cover 2Cereal Box. Forget those losers on the Wheaties box, you can make your very own brand of breakfast cereal! Show Kellogg’s, Post and General Mills a thing or two! Is this page not working? Get the latest Flash Player. Paper Organizer from cereal boxes – cover with decorative paper. Looking around for something that would make a durable cover, I lit on the idea of using a cardboard cereal box.So I decided to make a cover for one of my least favorite books (Heat Transfer) using one of my most favorite cereals (Grape Nuts).

How to Make Your Own Cereal Box Drawer Organizers Organizing diy crafts fun. Decorative duct tape, a cereal box and toilet paper rolls to create a fun pencil holder! Cover cereal boxes with fabric for homemade, budget-friendly picture mats!

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Cover cereal boxes with pretty fabrics, add a strip of cotton twill tape and labels, and stack them on the wall for a nifty organizer. The full tutorial is here. Using cereal boxes you can create a completely custom set of drawer organizers! You ll need empty cereal boxes, wrapping paper, adhesive and scissors. Now you can cover each box with wrapping paper. Thus we thought about cool easy projects involving cereal boxes so that you can recycle the cardboard and not throw the boxes away each time. A little creativity and a little bit of time and you can make almost anything from a cereal box. 13.Book covers. How to Make a Cereal Box and Juice Carton Placemat. Either cover yourself with clear contact paper or take the mats to a copy shop where they should be able to laminate them inexpensively. It’s time Wheaties honors Louganis with the cereal box cover he deserves. Kids go through cereal fast. Make use of all the empty boxes by turning them into handy holders for their desks.

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Purpose: To use paint and drawing tools. To Do: Create a cereal box cover according to the requirements below. Timeline: 2 days to make cereal box cover. Two Cereal Box Notebooks. If you’re finding yourself in need of somewhere to jot down notes, keep track of all your brilliant ideas, or work on your next great novel, these notebooks with cereal box covers are perfect for you; and they’re easy to make! Unfold the cover measure its length and width.