How To Make A Cereal Box Folder (DIY Project Download)

Last week, Jamie showed how to make a fabric book cover and now she has another back-to-school DIY to share. In today’s episode of Do It, Gurl, Jamie is making a pocket folder out of cereal boxes! She’s previously shown how cereal boxes make a great drawer organizer, and now you can upcycle more cereal boxes into this useful way to keep your school papers organized in your binder, backpack or locker. Gotta try this, recycle a cereal box into aTwo Pocket Folder. The mighty cereal box’s sturdy structure can easily be transformed into projects packed with a full serving of recycled fiber. Folder. 2. Magazine holder. 3. Postcard. 4. Business card holder. 5. Tie a double knot at. Advertisement.

how to make a cereal box folder 2Making folders for school use allows you to avoid the rush of back-to-school shopping while engaging in an environmentally-friendly craft project with your child. Layer one half of the cereal box front along the interior of one side of the folded cereal box. 31 Things You Can Make Out Of Cereal Boxes. You see crispy crunchy breakfast, I see a totally sweet Cookie Crisp nightlight. Aug. 7, 2013, at 8:55 a.m. Pippa Armbrester. BuzzFeed Contributor. Tweet. Tumblr. Stumble. Bookmark it. Step 2 Cut Front Panel: The next step is to detach the right side nutritional panel of your cereal box from its back panel.

File folders are expensive y’all. Especially when you don’t need a million at a time. And the cute ones are even more expensive. However, reusing boxes you already have is free, eco-friendly, and in my opinion, adorable. All it takes is about 10 minutes and a thin cardboard box (like a cereal or frozen pizza box), scissors, a pencil, and an old file as a template. Making your own embossing plate out of cereal boxes offers so much variation and freedom. The sky is the limit on shapes and initials. Top the misted paper with a white piece of paper (printer paper will do) to protect it from the bone folder. Plain white paper is best so there is no color rub off. School Folder. This is an easy cereal box craft that you or your kids can make for school or organizing their homework. You could leave the design on the cereal box alone to show off your favorite cereal or cover it with pretty paper.

How To Make Folders For School Use

Looking for ideas to make use of empty cereal boxes at home? Here is a great way to recycle them by making some pretty folders. These folders look almost like the ones from the shops and can be so useful. They can then be used to stack children’s books, copybooks or magazines. Two Cereal Box Notebooks. submitted by Nina Eve Zeininger. Break down the cereal box by opening the bottom of the box then cutting down the side. Be sure to cut along one of the small side panels because both the front and back panels needs to remain intact for the book covers. Use your bone folder by applying pressure along the folded edge to create a nice, crisp fold. Step 3:. So, this is a tutorial on how to make your own embossing folders using stamps (or any image) & a cereal box! I liked the embossing it gives even better than a real folder! SqeeeeeeeeeaL of Joy!. Lucky Duck Category: if you have a Cricut Expression & this thingy you can make your own plastic folders. Cereal boxes don’t have to end up in the recycling after use. I got to thinking, there must be something better I can do to upcycle all these colorful boxes! And guess what?. You can make a folder holder or magazine holder. 21. Here’s what you’ll need; assorted cardboard boxes, an old manila folder to use as a template, tacky glue, old t-shirt, something to cut with and a marker. This is awesome, I never thought that we can make pocket folder by a cereal box. Mel from Mel Stampz shares a detailed tutorial on how you can make your own embossing folders using the cardboard from cereal boxes. She covers how to choose the right thickness of cardboard, the steps to make the folders and well as how to use them once complete.

Cereal Box File Folders