How To Make A Cigar Box Mandolin (DIY Project Download)

Building a cigar box mandolin this time – hours of fun. This utilized an old mandolin neck I bought for a few pounds from ‘evilbay’. Please excuse the naff pla. The plans feature a solid 5-string (!) mandolin made from a wooden cigar box. From the lost files of cigar box guitar history, we present these plans which we. This article ran in the September, 1923 edition of Popular Mechanics, and gives a fairly brief overview of building fiddles, mandolins and guitars using cigar box resonators.

how to make a cigar box mandolin 2I just put the neck back on the shelf, with the rest of the mandolin, and moved on to other projects until I could live down my disgust. Speaking of tension, how do you make a cheap little cigar box carry these loads? 1) Reinforce the box. Anyone considering making a cigar box uke should check out his guide here.  A cigar box can become virtually any stringed instrument – guitars, fiddles, mandolins, banjos. Design. My method of building a cigar box guitar economizes on effort by using standard-dimensional wood. On the other hand, if you want to build an 8-string mandolin (4 courses of double strings), I’d recommend a very solid box.

Archive for the ‘Cigar Box Mandolins’ Category. I decided to make a cigar box Mandola out of the very nice solid wood Cohiba cigar box. People are simply amazed that an instrument can be made from cigar boxes and sound as good as they do. I now also make cigar box guitars and dulcitars (cross between a dulcimer and guitar). You can see more shots on his photo stream. Below are front and back shots of Jake Sunding’s cigar box mandolin (build notes on his blog), inspired by Mark’s article:.

Mirthwood: Cigar Box Mandolin

The air is crisp, sawdust and sparks are flying it’s time to build a guitar! One will be the classic CBG (cigar box guitar); with the other one, we will show you some of the possible upgrades. In an effort to find a new path back to his old love, Snowden tried drums, the banjo, the mandolin. Thinkin bout buildin an 8 string cigar box mando. I think there are kit instructions on the web for building a mandolin from Rockler or Stewmac or somebody. Build Your Own 5-String (!) Cigar Box Mandolin – The Historic 1922 Plans – Cigar Box Nation See more about Cigar Boxes, Cigar Box Nation and Cigars. Ok, so I have this random guitarworks mandolin that my cousin gave me. It’s barely playable because it’s cracked a little where the neck meets the. Here we have a rather ingenious design. This is a tailpiece for a Cigar Box Guitar, very similar to the tailpiece for an F5 style mandolin, but instead of spending 100 for a good mandolin tailpiece, they ve used a 5 decorative hinge.

Smokin’ Mandolins

In the spring of 2010 we began fabricating Cigar Box Instruments that we call the ‘BroJo’. I am applying my 25 plus year as a Luthier, to the resurging craft of cigar box guitar building. The 4 string guitar, mandolin, banjo, ukelele or any open tuning, sums up all of the BroJo possibilities. If an actual cigar box is used to make the body of the instrument, the box is chosen based in its tone and acoustic potential. If a new body is made, it is constructed of high quality tone woods red cedar for instrument tops and either poplar or maple make the sides and back of the instrument. Cigar box mandolin Mandolin peghead Las Cabrillas tenor guitar Hand carved mahogany neck and peghead I love my Bruce Graham cigar box tenor guitar, the one instrument I never put away. Cigar box guitar building is an art that is progressively moving forward, generating new and exciting instruments in a modern Renaissance. Special Fret Scale Template for Cigar Box Ukulele and Mandolin.