How To Make A Crossfit Box Jump Box (DIY Project Download)

That does make sense, but I jump higher than the box and land on top. Pingback: CrossFit Equipment: How to Build a Plyometric Box – Shane’s Gear Thread(). Instructions for building a DIY CrossFit plyometric jump box out of nothing more than one sheet of plywood. Cross-train in between sends. Disclaimer: This is just one of many ways you can build a plyo box, it may not be the best or the the most sturdy but it will be sufficient. Plyo boxes are essential for CrossFit and I highly recommend having them in any garage gym.

how to make a crossfit box jump box 2These are our newly designed stackable plyo boxes. Since they stack and don’t next, you’ve got as many options as you’d like for the height of your box jump. From CrossFit Los Angeles. Box jumps will make your legs crazy strong, blast calories, keep you playful, and more. I discovered box jumps at my first CrossFit class a few years ago. This wooden plyo box is built like a tank, and perfect for CrossFit! The predrilled holes and interlocking joints make this plyo box easy to assemble and very strong.

Everybody, including all the crossfit gyms, wants these boxes. This seems really easy and I enjoy box jumping, I dont own a circular saw so have to go out and borrow one so that I can attempt this project. For those who don’t belong to a CrossFit gym or scour the Web for feats of strength, this is called a box jump. It’s easy to see why the box jump has become the Internet’s favorite athletic feat. The first danger is not making the initial jump and ending up with skinned shins.

8″ & Plyo Boxes For Box Jumps

Find great deals on eBay for Plyo Box in More Fitness Equipment. Top 10 equipment items needed to create a Crossfit garage gym. If you can only afford one item at the moment, make it a bar and then build from there. The nice thing is that everyone can afford a jump rope!

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