How To Make A Platform Bed More Sturdy (DIY Project Download)

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The supports on the sides of my platform bed broke. So my new queen size platform bed got delivered today and I assembled it a few hours ago. The bed’s head-/foot-boards and side rails are pretty sturdy, but the 14 slats aren’t so much. Here’s what the bed looks like from above: The bed only came with enough wood screws to screw down every other horizontal slat, so I’m going to get some more wood screws to screw all of them down. All the slats have holes in the center, but the center support only has holes at those six points. This platform bed uses such a clever design that it truly looks as if the bed is hovering like some sort of alien space craft. Thankfully, the process is quite a simple one; making something that’s sturdy and gorgeous isn’t actually that tough.

how to make a platform bed more sturdy 2DIY platform bed with approximately 60-90 that definitely will last. More pictures available at This is a sturdy looking design. Discover the benefits of platform beds and if they might be the bed frame for you. Stability: In addition to providing support, the flat platform frame also makes the bed more stable than other bed frames. In a child’s bedroom, this would mean you have more toy storage. More InspirationCreative Platform Storage Bed Ideas.

Platform beds frames offer a simple, sturdy alternative to the box spring and bed frame. This base replaces a box spring and bed frame and can be used in most wood beds. A platform bed is one that doesn’t use a box spring or metal frame. Platform beds have existed throughout history, while box springs have only been available for about the last 150 years. Hardwoods are more attractive, but more difficult to cut and drill. Sturdy Slat Platform Bed. Cortez Upholstered Platform Bed by Varick Gallery. Full/Double Platform Bed with Storage by Camaflexi.

Strong And Tough Platform Bed Diy

how to make a platform bed more sturdy 3I have the Zen platform bed from Charles Rodgers. Ikea can make sturdy beds if put together well. You can build this wooden platform bed in literally 3 steps. I had already finished the Macram headboard, and felt like it needed something behind it other than the wall to make it feel more headboard-y and less wall hang-y. 7 minutes to build a sturdy, stylish platform bed? Make sure you know your weight and then find a bed frame that has an adequate weight capacity to handle your weight. I know they are not the most beautiful bed frames in the world, but at least you can sleep with pure confidence knowing your bed will hold your weight. The Sleep Master Platform Metal Frame Bed is such a great money saving and excellent invention. It’s quite a sturdy and relatively squeak free frame. By opening up the space around the bed, it’s easy to admire the plush rug as well as the parquet floor pattern. If you toss and turn at night, a platform bed is more stable and is less disturbing to your sleeping partner. I have that bed too, and it’s as solid and stable as can be (it’s pretty new, so perhaps the joints will loosen over time). I have an Ikea platform bed with side tables and I do find it noisy.

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However, this most wanted piece of cozier home furniture can be built in endless styles with pallets!. Super easy pallet platform bed with headboard for modern bedroom interiors! Pallet Kids Bed Design:.