How To Make A Raised Bed Youtube (DIY Project Download)

how to make a raised bed youtube 1

Build A Mini Greenhouse For Raised Beds – YouTube. I like this frame design and the addition of a piece to keep the cold frame propped open on a warm day. Is Coconut Coir Imbalanced for use in a Raised Bed Garden? In this episode John will share with you what he is adding to the coconut coir to make it better balanced. Today a bunch of us helped Phil make a new raised bed, and learnt loads on the way (thanks to Kindling Trust for some dosh, btw). There’s a proper video about that on the way, but in the meantime, here’s a wonderful clip of the very articulate Sally Yates of Manchester Young Lives explaining how.

how to make a raised bed youtube 2Research Forest Products Technologist, Jim Chamberlain, demonstrates how to build a raised bed in the forest to plant ramp bulbs. Raised beds allow Paul James to garden on high ground to avoid flooding. From the experts at Building raised beds allows the soil to drain faster and warm more quickly in spring. (Raised beds are kind of like wide, flat-topped rows.

Keen amateurs are using YouTube to share their secrets, says Sally Newall.

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