How To Make A Rectangular Box Out Of Paper With Lid (DIY Project Download)

Origami Rectangle Box Step 7: Now we’ll fold the paper from the center, bring the top flap down and making a crease at the line shown below. From Nikita in Houthalen Belgium It’s the rectangular origami box, with a slightly bigger one over it for a lid. Craft project: Instructions and printable patterns for making rectangular boxes (shirt boxes) with lids in three shapes and sizes. For a stronger box, print on computer paper and trace or transfer the pattern to cardboard before proceeding. The cool thing about this origami box design is that you can make it any kind of square or rectangular shape. Here’s a long, skinny box that I made using the exact same design:. How did your origami gift box turn out? If you have any comments or suggestions, or just want to say hi, you can contact me directly with this handy form. The piece of paper for the lid is smaller, but the lid itself is bigger.

how to make a rectangular box out of paper with lid 210. Pull sides out. Finished Rectangle Box.You can also make slightly larger box for a lid. Paper boxes are easy, environmental friendly crafts that make good gifts, trays, and storage containers. Four Methods:Making a Rectangular Paper BoxMaking an Alternate Rectangular BoxMaking a Square BoxMaking a Pillow BoxCommunity Q&A. You can even print out a blank template that you can decorate yourself. If you have stiff paper and tape or glue, you can quickly construct a sturdy rectangular box with a lid flap.

Sometimes you need a box to hold your stuff. Sometimes you have contents that are more suited to a rectangular box. Folding one of these suckers solves both problems. I needed to make this box with construction paper, because I’m planning to use it in a science project. How to Fold an origami box with a lid from 2 pieces of paper Get creative for your next holiday or birthday by giving your gift in a unique manner! This origami video shows how to make a box with a lid out of two sheets of paper. This project from Fold Something makes a great gift box for small presents. It is very easy to make a paper box using rectangular paper and anyone could do it, just follow the steps below, Fold the paper in half hot dog style (the long way). How to Fold an Origami F-18 Fighter Jet Out of a Dollar Bill.

Origami Rectangle Box Instructions

how to make a rectangular box out of paper with lid 3It’s easy to make a box out of a sheet of paper, and it can be accomplished by children as well as adults. How to Fold a Rectangular Box with a Lid More. Follow this Easy Box Tutorial made out of one sheet of 12 x 12 Scrapbook Paper. I put on my thinking cap and worked out the details of how to fold a rectangular box of any dimension and whatever height I wanted and am now sharing them with you so you too can benefit! With some fancy paint program artistry, you can also create some fancy artwork and print it out on a laser printer and then fold your box lid (and box if you want) around it so that the lid/box has images on it and not just a solid color. Repeat the process described above using a new sheet of paper and these new dimensions to create a lid for the box. Instructions to learn how to make various kinds of origami box. This means that the area can be made out of two squares. This flat rectangular shaped open box starts from 4×4 matrix base. The ratio among the width, the length, and the height of the rectangle is 4:6:1. Lid for Origami Open Cube. You make them using a single piece of paper so no scissors or glue needed and the lid is even built into the box. How clever is that? Step by Step Origami Paper Boxes with Good Fitting Lids. Here you will be making a rectangle origami box and lid. Clear an area in front of your computer screen to start your origami rectangular box paper project. I make similar boxes out of cardstock or heavy paper and use them for loads of stuff.

Rectangular Origami Box

Com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/paper-kawaii-origami-shallow-box-02-180×180. For the Lid, when folding at 1:50 fold about 1-2mm less. Click here to learn how to make the shallow rectangular origami box. Simply make a box for it. Take the measurement of the gift and pick from our collection of rectangular box template and print it. The origami box presented here can be made with rectangles of different proportions. A letter size rectangle (8.5 x 11 inches) or an A4 piece of paper are perfect for making it. This box will be a good catch-it-all that comes in handy for many uses at home or work. Step 8: To make it easier to remove the lid, use a circle punch to cut 2 semi circles on opposing sides.

It’s not hard to wrap a box if you don’t care how much wrapping paper or tape you use, but what if you care about efficiency? Mathematician Sara Santos, who specializes in finding entertaining ways to popularize math, worked out the formula for a wrap that uses paper and tape most efficiently. If you have a three dimensional box you can solve for the dimensions of the two dimensional square of paper that makes for the best wrap.