How To Make A Shelf Out Of A Dresser (DIY Project Download)

Cute way to create a book shelve with an old dresser just take out the drawers! Use your old and vintage drawers to make something interesting for your home. We can help you with these creative and cute diy ideas. Remove the drawers, add plywood or MDF to create shelves where needed, and you have a cute little bookshelf. If you have cats in your home, you know how challenging it can be to find an out-of-the-way place for the litter box, especially if you happen to live somewhere without a utility room.

how to make a shelf out of a dresser 2We used old dresser drawers to create wall shelves that work great for organizing and look really unique! Simple tutorial from East Coast Creative Blog. Upcycle Dresser Drawers as Hanging Shelves (10 Ideas). With a solid anchor to the wall, you can even store heavier objects or hang items from the bottom, possibly using the handle as a make-shift hook of sorts. 20 Times Kate Middleton Showed Off More Than She Should Have! I am so excited Remodelaholic is featuring my dresser drawer shelves. They are one of my favorite DIY projects and they balance out all the Ikea in my apartment.

The are the perfect size to sit above my washer and dryer tucked neatly below the shelves to be pulled out when needed. If you feel your dresser is too old or out of date and feel so odd standing in your modern room, try to move some drawers, sand and paint into a new entertainment center for a new furniture addition for your living room. Turn the dresser drawers into unique wall shelves. Don’t stress out, learn how to change up a dresser without drawers and turn into shelving. It really had no idea it could be turned into a shelf. Instead of trying to make my cuts perfect to fit around the interior structure, I used the old drawer railings to fill in.

How To Make Wall Shelves Out Of Old Dresser Drawers

how to make a shelf out of a dresser 3I didn’t nail the shelves down to the dresser because they fit very tightly into the space & it was’t necessary. I love how organized the closet is now! I want to add prettier shelving at the top & making the closet more decorative so I can keep the doors open & have it be more a part of the room. I blew out the dresser after sanding it because there was some gross stuff inside. I obviously couldn’t fit one big piece of wood on the top shelf, so I split it into three large sections and two small sections so I could fit them in. Repurpose your old beloved dresser into a bookshelf. Or, in the case of mortise-and-tenon joining on drawer supports, knock out the inner frame of the dresser using a hammer. When measuring the shelves, make note of any interior seams. Put a fresh, new spin on an old wooden dresser with open shelving, unexpected hardware and a playful use of color. Get step-by-step instructions from the DIY experts at HGTV. When it’s time to for a new dresser, don’t just toss away the old one like last year s fashions. Even if your old dresser is slightly broken, it is easy to replace drawers with shelves, or even transform the dresser into a new piece of furniture. Click through our photo gallery to pull out a few ideas you can use in your own home. (The kind that come out of a dresser — get your mind out of the gutter.). Wheels on the bottom make cute rolling shelves that can slide under the bed and out of sight.

Ways To Repurpose Old Drawers

Posts about make a shelf out of a dresser written by bridgitgillis. Dresser with no draws (not even in sight). Create an Instructable. Materials Bathroom dresser or armoire Fencing wireStaple gun Boards for shelves Screws to attach shelves Lock for door. You’ll be proud to display your DIY shelves and you’ll love the extra storage that they give you. You can actually create lovely window box type shelves out of old dresser drawers.

How to make a storage bench out of an old dresser. We selected the paint colors, fabric and worked through an idea to create a little shelf. Another good re-purpose DIY! Don’t throw out the chest of drawers when you buy a new set. Instead, paint or refinish it, and use it as a shelving unit with varying sizes of baskets. Don’t throw out an old, broken dresser! Take out the drawers and use them as interesting and stylish shelves. We painted the inside of these shelves to use as storage for garden tools and supplies. Reuse old dresser drawers to create a bookshelf installation like Mike and Kate’s! The couple found free dressers on Craigslist and used the drawers to transform an empty wall in their Chicago home. We got the whole mess of them home and Mike laid them out on the kitchen floor using the measurements of the wall we hoped to install them on. For some reason, the top of our IKEA Malm dresser is one of the only spaces that is actually un-cluttered at the moment, so I’m trying to figure out a way to use some of it for some kind of storage. Norm Abram shows how to create easy access to items in a kitchen base cabinet. The shelf resembles a shallow drawer that glides out for easy access to items stored in the back of the cabinet.