How To Make A Small Gift Box (DIY Project Download)

Today I’m going to share a little trick with you that my mom taught my sister and I several years ago when we started wrapping lots of gifts ourselves. How to turn half of a shirt box into a whole smaller box. Missing the other half and need to wrap a gift? No problem! How to Turn Half of a Gift Box Into a Smaller Box This Christmas. 11 Dollar Store Buys That Make Fantastic Bathroom Organizers Decorating Ideas. Share. This Instructable will show you how to make a gift box from two pieces of construction paper. Fold each piece of paper along a diagonal Cut the piece for the lid into a square Draw a line 3/8 smaller on the second piece and cut it along the line into a slightly smaller square.

how to make a small gift box 2This is a great way to recycle old greeting cards and make little boxes for small gifts (or for storing small objects). This box is different from an origami box because it includes a top and a bottom. To honor the small gifts in life, here is a really cool tutorial on how to wrap up your awesome heart-felt gift with something handmade: your own DIY gift box from scrapbook paper:. There you are in the throws of wrapping. Plenty of shirt boxes at hand, but it is a smaller box you desire. This little trick I learned from my mother.

How to make tiny folded gift boxes from Christmas cards, other greeting cards, or squares of stiff paper or thin card stock. The smaller pattern is the bottom of the box, using the back page of the greeting card. A collection of 15 paper gift boxes and the links to get the free printable templates. They are such a fun way to give small gifts or favors, and are perfect for everything from a Christmas party to a wedding. You can find me at Lines Across sharing my creative adventures and tutorials on how to make stuff. Fold the other side the same way. Fold 4 boxes of the same size. Fold 1 with a piece of square paper that is 1/2 inch smaller on all sides. This is going to be a lid.

How To Make A Gift Box Out Of A Greeting Card

Origami boxes are quite useful as gift boxes and small containers. They’re fun to make and some of them can be quite beautiful. The Queen of origami boxes must be Tomoko Fuse, some of her books have an incredible selection of paper boxes. Learn how to make a pretty folded paper DIY gift box from two single sheets of square paper! We have lots more gift box and gift bag projects for you to browse. These are available here – Gift Box and Gift Bag Round-Up. Paper craft idea: See how to make a bunny box to fill with chocolates or a gift. When the glue has completely dried, fill the box with chocolates or a small gift and close the lid. Use the Gift Box Maker from Martha Stewart Crafts to make custom gift boxes for any occasion!. Move the cutter on the arm to the correct position (position 1 for small, position 2 for medium, position 3 for large). Make a Simple DIY Gift Box Out of a Sheet of Poster Board. This video from youtuber DaveHax shows you a cheap and easy way to give out gifts, or create some clever ways to store and organize your small items. You can make your gift box look even nicer if you opt for colorful, two-sided sheets. A takeaway gift box is the perfect handmade project for small gifts or party favors.

Folded Gift Boxes From Cards

Shop outside the big box, with unique items for small gift boxes from thousands of independent designers and vintage collectors on Etsy. Make a square template that is the size of the number you chose. Mine will be a 2. A little girl showed us how to make this box many years ago. Still, the word origami seems to best describe this activity, so following are instructions for making an origami-style box, With a few simple folds, and a cut here and there, you can make just the right box for small gifts or treasures. Small Gift Box. ABOUT ME. Avoid awkward wrapping with one of our branded gift boxes. Make sure you check the measurements of your gift and the box!

I decided to use this to embellish the gift box I needed to make for my aunt-in-law, since she s a lady who loves patterns like this (My husband has even said he s seen a pattern similar to this on one of her leggings!). How to Origami a small gift box by folding paper This video tutorial shows how to make an origami gift box with base, lid, and dividers. Learn how to fold this gift box using the traditional Japanese art of origami. Make a gift box, the tiniest and cutest one ever using recycled greeting cards and beads. You have heard of the old adage that good things come in small packages, right? Do you like to give little surprises to your family and friends? Then you might like to make a few of these.