How To Make A Sparrow Nest Box (DIY Project Download)

Build your own 4 nest Sparrow nestbox. Full designs for a four hole box. House sparrows will begin prospecting for nest sites as early as January in preparation for nesting in April through to August so aim to have your box sited as soon as summer ends in preparation for the next year’s brood. The birdhouse (or nest box) is really quite easy to make. Climbers such as ivy, clematis and honeysuckle make ideal nest sites if allowed to form dense tangles against a trellis or wall. As natural nesting sites are in decline, many different birds such as blue tits, great tits, house sparrows, starlings, swifts, swallows and even owls will use a nest box if it is provided for them.

how to make a sparrow nest box 2Provide birds with a new comfortable nest site using this FSC precision-cut and easy-to-install House Sparrow Nest Box. Buy online today. Please read these first in order to make sure the animals using these homes are safe and secure. An easy to make nest box made from old boots and pallet wood or planks. Sparrows just love them, and whats more, they cost nothing to make!

All about How to make a nest box. Choose what size hole you want and bore it out on the front panel. A guide to make a bird nest box from start to finish. Buy BTO Nest Box Guide from the Gifts & More range at Living with Birds. While our own acclaimed nest boxes offer unrivalled accommodation for anything from a wren to a barn owl, we also know the satisfaction that many people get from making their own boxes. If you’re looking to attract some new feathery neighbours to your garden, why not try building your own nestbox? The prospect of putting together a well constructed nestbox on your own might seem daunting, but it is an easy project to tackle even if you don’t have advance carpentry skills.

House Sparrow Nest Box

how to make a sparrow nest box 3Twenty million people put out food for the birds in their gardens so we know there is a huge potential out there to do even more to conserve British wildlife. Of course, once you’ve a nest box up and occupied you will find hours of pleasure in watching the comings and goings as the birds bring nest material, lay eggs then raise, feed and fledge their young well into the summer months. Any time of year is fine, but autumn or early winter is best as many species of bird will start looking for a nest site as early as January. In addition, a nest box put up ahead of the very cold weather also provides a warm shelter for roosting birds. This is the nest box I am currently using and it’s much easier to make than the nest box with the off-set entrance tunnel. Please follow the very simple instructions to make this very simple nest box.

How To Make A Nest Box