How To Make A Tufted Headboard Using Pegboard (DIY Project Download)

When you run out of pegboard simply move it over and line it up with the dots that you already created. Continue until the entire top half of the headboard is marked. Tufted headboards are firmly padded headboards with buttons or studs which are pushed into the fabric. The two main types of button tufting are diamond tufting and square tufting. I laid the pegboard on top of a 5 foot wide piece of 3-inch foam I bought at Joann’s with a 40 percent off coupon.

how to make a tufted headboard using pegboard 2SonI just make a queen tufted headboard for the guess room I used cream micro fabric it is so beautiful. I also put it on legs, the buttons on the bottom is a great idea I wished I did that, I used little circles of fabric to hold the button in place. The Tall Grid Tufted Headboard from West Elm was my inspiration for the project. I’ve been wanting to make a tufted headboard for our master bedroom since before we moved in, and last week Eddie and I finally got around to making it! Here in part one, I’ll cover everything invo. A note about using pegboard vs. normal wood, plywood, or mdf: I wanted to use pegboard because there is already a handy grid of evenly spaced holes.

Don’t spend 1K on a headboard – make your own DIY tufted headboard and use that extra money for mojitos or waterguns! Don’t use pegboard. With the headboard standing up, push the upholstery needle through the foam and fabric from the backside of the headboard, thread your upholstered button onto it, and push the needle back through to the unfinished side of plywood. Use your spray adhesive to bond the foam to the pegboard. Once the two pieces are attached and have dried, use a knife to cut holes in the foam allowing you to see the corresponding hole in the pegboard. This part of the process will allow for the tufted to be deeper. In a well ventilated area, spray the pegboard on the area where the foam will be attached with the foam adhesive.

Involving The Senses: Diy Button Tufted Headboard

I have been wanting a headboard in our room for so long. For some reason it was just never something high on the priority list. Now that all your holes are done, use your spray adhesive and glue the foam to the pegboard. Now all the holes will match up and you’re ready for tufting. We saved a TON of money by making our own peacock blue velvet diamond-tufted king-sized headboard. (Whew – what a mouthful. (This is also helpful if you’re using peg board, since you can’t staple the threads in place.) Bedding: DKNY & Kenneth Cole; Frames & Night Stands: Ikea; Photos; Brian Mullins; Mirrors: Target It took me between 4-5 hours to finish the project, and it ended up costing around 100 for supplies. The other option is to use pegboard with one inch holes. Peg board is thin, and more flimsy than plywood. It is still suitable for tufted headboard backing, but only if the headboard is to be wall mounted. Pegboard enables crafters to secure the stud through the holes already in the pegboard, without having to use a drill, but it does require some basic mathematics to get the studs to line up with the holes. Little Green Notebook: DIY Tufted Headboard using a peg board!!! +42ElizabethHern. to speed up a tufting project, use a drill and screw to create the tufts and glue the button on top, instead of threading a button through the headboard. I had already bought MDF board, so I didn’t use the pegboard.

How To Make Your Own Diy Tufted Headboard

Do a google or pinterest search, and you will find a ton of blogs about how to make a tufted headboard. Green Notebook blog as a reference when I was figuring out the process because of her ingenious use of a pegboard. I decided that the easiest way to do it would be to use a grid in the form of peg board. If I were to do this again, I would have used plywood for the back of the headboard, instead of just pegboard. The pegboard is a little too bendy and could use a bit more stabilization. After toying around with lots of ideas, I ended up with this headboard design that’s really easy to make and customize. This headboard was really easy to make and it’s also very simple to change up the look for example, you could use pegboard instead of plywood and make and tufted upholstered headboard using the same technique that I used for my banquette panel. A while ago I shared our gray tufted headboard that we DIY’d last fall to go with our queen bed. But since we got our new Cal King bed (as you can see it fits just right in our master bedroom. To make sure the holes in the foam lined up with the holes on the pegboard we circled with a sharpie the holes on the pegboard.

The size was another reason I would have had to use numerous pieces of foam to cover this and when you use the mattress pad you can get one big piece. Recently, I saw a blogger use peg board instead of MDF.