How To Make A Two Way Table In Minitab (DIY Project Download)

how to make a two way table in minitab 1

Calculate the odds ratio and confidence interval for a 2 X 2 contingency table. The simplest contingency tables are two-way tables that tally the responses by two variables. To produce a two-way table of counts and percentages for categorical data: Select Stat. If you want to create a dot plot for different groups and your group variable is in one column and the data in another column, click on the radio button in front of By Variable. Interpreting Two-Way Tables (Minitab Version). Before we proceed to try to answer that question and others, there are two minor issues we have to get out of the way.

how to make a two way table in minitab 2A two-way table presents categorical data by counting the number of observations that fall into each group for two variables, one divided into rows and the other divided into columns. Minitab Basics. To enter or change an observation in a cell, we first make the cell active and then type the value. TWO-WAY TABLES and CHI-SQUARE. Calculate products of entries in two columns, Calc Calculator, put in, e.g. C1 C2.

Remember, patients were randomly allocated into the three treatment groups — by chance alone the desipramine group could have inluded a number of addicts who, for whatever reasons, were more predisposed to not relapse. In Minitab you enter the cross-classification table. The two-way ANOVA compares the effect of two categorical independent variables (called between-subjects factors) on a continuous dependent variable. If you have a statistically significant interaction between your two independent variables on the dependent variable, it is possible to run simple main effects to determine the effect of one independent variable at each level of the other independent variable on the dependent variable (e. Both tables shown the effect of Gender, Educational Level and their interaction (i. Two-way Tables – Chisquare test for Independence. (see output of MINITAB) 4) a 0.

Categorical Data

how to make a two way table in minitab 3Creating a Two-way Table. After collecting the data, the next step is to produce some numerical and graphical summaries of the sample data. You can save graphs or the contents of the Minitab Session window or Worksheet by using the appropriate Save command on the File menu. Put the observed counts from your two-way table in columns in the Minitab worksheet. To do a chi-square hypothesis test when data is organized this way, go to the stat menu, choose tables, and then the second option cross tabulation and chi-square. We just put a two way table in the worksheet, so Minitab can do the chi-square test this way for us.

Tests Of Association In 2-way Tables