How To Make A Wooden Airplane Propeller (DIY Project Download)

Learning how to build a wooden airplane propeller is actually fairly simple, but you must have an understanding of basic tool use and craftsmanship. I found old blueprints at for a multi layered prop like the one pictured above and traced them into AutoCAD to give me a crisp line drawing to scale the prop as large as I needed it. The prop I’ll be building is going to be 72 inches in diameter, but the drawings are scalable so you can make the prop small enough for a model airplane if you really wanted to. How to Repair the edge of a wooden propeller for an airplane This video will show you two different methods of repairing the leading edge of a wooden aircraft propeller. Learn how to properly apply epoxy, clean the area of the repair, and make the edge look like it was never damaged!.

how to make a wooden airplane propeller 2To carve a wooden propeller first join six pieces of wood together to form a block. What types of wood are typically used to make wooden propellers? This tutorial will show the steps needed for anyone to carve a propeller out of wood. See more about Airplanes, DIY and Woods.

It is a simple but comprehensive set of instructions for the making of wood propellers for the amateur aircraft builder. This booklet takes you step-by-step through the design and construction process of wood propellers using simple and common shop tools. How to Make an Airplane Propeller. There are programs online that aid you in designing your wooden propeller, but it is best to use a downloadable program. The second method is to copy an existing propeller and create a template that can be modified to create a new design. Article is a reprint from Sport Aviation, December 1960.

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How to Make a Wood Airplane Propeller. Wood has been used to make aircraft propellers since the Wright brothers first took flight back in Kitty Hawk. Making a wooden airplane propeller involves building a block of wood out of which the propeller will be shaped. It is, but like building an airplane, it is done one simple step at a time. I use a block of wood to properly align the scale with the faces of the propeller block. Here is a complete PDF for cadving your propeller. Passion, participation, and enthusiasm make EAA the most vibrant aviation organization in the world. No matter what aviation area you relate to, you’ll find it here. Propellers are used to convert power from the aircraft engine into useful thrust for the aircraft to fly. In the past, all kinds of different propeller designs were tried: sometimes flat wooden blades, from one bladed counterweighted to multiple blade models rotating at various speeds. Until it was realized that a propeller is just like a wing creating lift. The longest pieces of wood should be in the middle with the smallest pieces on the top. You will need to use a very strong glue, like Resorcinol, to create aircraft propellers.

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