How To Make An Electric Cigar Box Guitar (DIY Project Download)

Albeit guitar manufacturing has come a long way in the past hundred years, there is a long history to show that you don’t need much to make a guitar. All you need is a box to resonate the sound, a plank of would to act as the fretboard, a few screws, and some string. It’s not needed if you’re doing the electric thing, but it’s nice to have. The cigar box guitar was originally a homemade instrument for individuals who couldn’t afford to buy an actual instrument. You can make your guitar electric, make different head designs, add steel frets, and even put more strings on it.

how to make an electric cigar box guitar 2From the simple 3-string cigar box guitar instructional that started the Cigar Box Guitar Revolution to historical plans dating back to the 1800’s. How to Build an Electric Guitar – the Historic 1959 Plans. Although a regular guitar has 6 strings, cigar box guitars often have only 3 or 4 strings. Step 11 Make it electric Make your guitar electric by adding a piezo transducer. Johnny Lowe of Memphis, Tennessee, makes guitars out of cigar boxes, furniture, and other recycled objects. Lowe used to get his cigar boxes from cigar shops, but since 2008, he says, the quality of the boxes has declined, so these days the best boxes are in thrift stores.

Unless you’re a smoker or an avid collector, you may not be familiar with cigar boxes – aside from what you can divulge from their name. Many a thin box has been used to make a screaming electric cigar box guitar. The cigar box guitar is a primitive chordophone that uses an empty cigar box as a resonator. The earliest had one or two strings; modern models typically have three or more.

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Create an electric guitar out of wooden cigar box. The point of this video is to show how quickly and cheaply a guitar can be made. Kochel Box Guitar Handmade Cigar Box Guitar Blues Guitar Electric Guitar. Build your own custom Cigar Box Guitar! MY Cigar Box Guitar Bodies are quality, hand crafted instruments that make for a VERY playable, professional instrument! Let me just start by saying this: You may see other Cigar Box Guitars kicking around on the internet, but many of those instruments are tacked together pieces of scrap wood that may make good conversation pieces but can NOT really be played, mine certainly CAN!This is a hand made, FULLY PLAYABLE, PRO QUALITY 6 string electric Cigar Box Guitar Body with a solid mahogany interior body, standard Strat heel profile 2 & 3/16 neck pocket (this is a 25.

Build Your Very Own Diy Electric Guitar Using An Old Cigar Box