How To Make An Exterior Door More Secure (DIY Project Download)

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Statistics prove that most burglars enter a house through the front or back door. So keep those doors locked and secure. All exterior doors should have heavy-duty metal security strike plates secured by four 3-inch screws. Many homes are built with lower quality strike plates or have strike plates that are secured with short screws that just attach to the door jamb, not the underlying stud. Securing a front door with a high rated lock is the first defense against burglary, but there are several other ways home owners and renters alike can beef up their front entry. Products like the 59 Door Devil or 79 StrikeMaster II add a layer of steel to prevent door frames from splitting, making the act of kicking in a door that much more difficult. Make sure your home’s front door is as safe and secure as possible. To reduce the chances of a burglary, follow these 6 tips for better entry door security.

how to make an exterior door more secure 2Check local building codes too, as they may prohibit double cylinder locks for fire safety reasons (it’s more difficult to escape because you must have the key). Deadbolts are the standard and exterior doors should have a deadbolt, as a minimum. The lame little locks built into door knobs can be defeated in about 3 seconds with a credit card. A final solution, and potentially the most secure, is a what I’ve heard called a crossbar. This is a medieval-style bar across the interior of the door; if you want in, you’ll need to brake the bar, tear out the brackets or completely destroy the door itself. Sliding-glass doors have a latch to close them but are often an easy point of entry for burglars. To make one more secure, place a wood dowel cut to size or an adjustable safety bar in the interior floor track, or consider adding a floor bolt.

KICKPROOF Rebar Door Jamb Reinforcement Kits STOP Door Kick-ins, Repair Kicked-In Door Jambs and Reinforce Hinges. We were talking about a number of things in regards to home security, and he mentioned that in most burglaries, the thief just kicks in the door – no problem – because door frames tend to be pretty wimpy. This instructable covers one possible technique for making a door frame nearly impervious to being kicked in. The 2 wide strip was just about the right size – I could mash it back against the weatherstrip and get the front edge just flush with the face of the door frame. Solid Security Bottom line: All exterior doors need to be solid and kick-proof. That means you want a solid wood door, or at the very least a door with a solid-wood core. If you choose a metal door, make sure that it has interior reinforcement and a lock block, to prevent a thief from bending it open with a car jack. They say a door is only as strong as its lock and they couldn’t be more right.

How To Reinforce Doors: Entry Door And Lock Reinforcements

how to make an exterior door frame larger 3If you have a security system, don’t put one of those Protected by ADT stickers on your door. If possible, the front door of your home should not be the last line of defense. Instead, it is more effective to have some kind of security gates or doors that people have to be allowed to enter, before they come to the front door of your home. There’s always something else we can do to make our home more secure to protect it from burglars – and a focus on your front door, patio doors and back door is a great place to start. Here’s 5 top tips for making the exterior doors of your home more secure – and burglar-proof!. If you are unsure whether your front door, back door or patio doors are secure enough to prevent intruders, use this quick checklist to find out how safe they really are. More ways to protect your doors. British standard nightlatch – this is used to make sure the lock is dead locked. When assessing your apartment’s security, there are several things to take into consideration, but your front door should be your first focus. To help you make your front door as strong and protective as possible, consider replacing your lock. Grade 1 locks typically cost a bit more than Grade 2 or Grade 3 locks, but their solid construction and materials mean they’ll last longer and they’re harder for a burglar to defeat. Then use the 2 1/2 inch screws provided with the EZ Armor kit to secure the Door Shields. You should be able to sleep like a bear now that you have a Reinforced Entry Door that is Burglar Proof. Learn more about Jeff.

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Grade 1 and Grade 2 locksets and deadbolts are the most secure options. Image: Emtek Products, Inc. When conducting your home security check, make sure exterior doors have deadbolts that throw at least a 1-inch bolt. Ask your locksmith to upgrade to Grade 1 or Grade 2 locksets and deadbolts ( 25 to 80), the most secure options. After 20+ years in the door sales and installation business, we have come to the conclusion that fiberglass doors are exceptionally strong. The great thing about quality fiberglass is that it combines the beauty and richness of solid wood and the strength of steel, without the compromises of either (Dents, scratches, cracks, warping, fading, etc). Running lights, radios, and televisions make it appear someone is home or by the front door. With Ring and IFTTT specifically, you can program things to happen automatically to help keep your front door more secure. This is a fantastic reason to make sure your home security is adequate: an experienced thief can get in this way, leaving minimal mess, in less than thirty seconds. But more common is attacking the front door itself, usually with a jemmy or crowbar.