How To Make Concrete Look Like Wood (DIY Project Download)

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How to Paint Concrete Floors to look like Hardwood-Brilliant!!! Love the. Then the more I dug, I saw the idea for doing a stain and scoring that would make it look like wood! This would be perfect if I could pull it off. Will have to do more research Update: It looks like the photo above is actually a stamped concrete which I have found out you can do on top of an existing slab if you prep it just right. See examples of faux bois projects that make concrete look like wood. Plus learn various techniques for replicating wood.

how to make concrete look like wood 2They’re checking out the polished concrete floor that looks like waxed wood planks. The owners called M R Decorative Concrete in for an estimate on creating a stamped overlay made to look like wood. It’s easy to make your concrete floor look like wood. Use a shade of brown on the and give it ample time to dry. When this is done, you’ll need to create a glaze that’s made up of 4 parts glaze to 1 part brown paint. The concrete was in pretty good shape (our house is on a slab foundation), no major holes or anything, but it was uneven and bumpy. Lightbulb! I figured if you could paint a wall faux wood grain, you could paint a concrete floor to look like wood, right?

This amazing transformation brought to us by Decorative Concrete Kingdom shows step-by-step how you can make your rough concrete floors look like beautiful hardwood overnight. Always dreamt of gorgeous hardwood flooring but don’t have the money? Well, then you need to watch this video ASAP. Uploaded by Decorative Concrete Kingdom, this DIY video showcases how you can turn plain cement into the polished, wood-finish floors of. How to Make Concrete Look Like Wood. The nature and texture of wood is warm and inviting. Creating the look of wood on any surface takes time and patience, but it can be done, even on concrete, using faux finishing techniques.

A Wood Floor Made Of Concrete

Our wood look flooring system allows you to create the look of real wood on your concrete floor! Visit Super-Krete online today for more information. Designed for resurfacing existing concrete, this system is perfect for giving a whole new look and rustic appeal to any properly prepared concrete surface. The finish can be light or coarse depending on the brush bristles used and how flat the surface is made using a Magic Trowel. Concrete stained and scored to look like hardwood flooringLoud (youtube. Having someone talented enough to hand paint the floor to make it look real is the most important part. Home designs are often quite expensive no matter what you do and there is no easy way to save money. Whether you are remodeling or building from scratch, projects can add up fast. No that is not hardwood, it is stamped concrete! Mike found this idea on a local contractor s website. Love the stamped concrete made to look like wood! 20 years ago we built our home and had stamped concrete in the kitchen (mexican tile look) and the living room (black slate). This wonderful article explains how to stain concrete to look like wood. The results are simply amazing and everyone that’s moderately handy can do this to their patio,driveway or pathway. Make Concrete Look Like Wood. By: Concrete Construction Staff. Image. For wood floors without the maintenance, use stamped concrete.

How To Make A Concrete Floor Look Like Hardwood