How To Make Deer Leg Gun Rack (DIY Project Download)

If you are a hunter, having a deer leg gun rack is a nice prize of sorts. Not only can it last a lifetime, it also adds a unique look to your home. It will not only speak of your love of hunting but will also add to aesthetic value of your home. Follow the steps below to make your own deer hoof gun rack. I would like to make a bow holder out of the feet of my last buck, anyine know the proper way to do this? From: hunter722 Date: 11-Nov-08 bend them how you want them, and put them on a bed of granular salt and then cover them up in salt. I take the leg out, salt the cut end liberally, or salt it with borax. Good for gun racks, coat racks, back scratchers (small deer), lamp bases, cane handles.

how to make deer leg gun rack 2Archive Deer Legs Woodworking/Metalcraft/Tanning/Leathercraft. I’m working for a deer processor this year and got the brilliant idea of making something out of deer legs. Gun rack or coat rack or..other things. Other things. Easy to do. How to Make Deer Hoof Gun Racks. Hunters usually discard deer hooves after a kill, but in fact they can be recycled to make attractive gun racks. Using the hooves to make a gun rack is also a way to commemorate a person’s first harvest or a special hunt. McKenzie Taxidermy offers a variety of artificial deer foot forms and accessories. Create your own gunrack or whitetail novelty display with these easy to mount foot forms and ferrules and your choice of Gunrack Panel.

Create a one of a kind gun rack with a Van Dyke’s Deer Foot Taxidermy Kit. I’ve seen them before..does anyone know anyone that makes them here in KY? Or know how to make them? Deer Hoof Double Gun Rack Coat Rack Hat Rack Taxidermy Oddities.

Deer Legs

I know I am not talented enough or have the patience to slice the skin off and stitch it back together, but are there some chemicals I can use to treat a set of hooves and make a decent rack? The 8 pt I shot last Friday had exceptionally Large Legs and Hoofs. Want to Make a Bow / Gun Rack. Anyone have any idea on how to do this? I was wondering if anyone has ever tried or knows the steps to taking a set of deer legs and making a so called mount or gun rack with them? While you have the hide peeled backfrom the bone would be a good time to hollow out the bone then you can drill holes in the sides of the bone for the epoxy to flow into to make sure the epoxy doesn’t loosen up for any reason. I killed a deer about three weeks ago. i have had the legs sittin in kosher salt ever since. We have about a dozen legs in the house made into shelves and hat racks and some drying to make a lamp or two. Is there websites or books or videos that show how it is done? We got a nice doe this weekend and my son wants us to make a gun rack or coat hook out of it. Years ago I remember seeing a coat hanger made from deer hooves. Somebody gave my Dh a gun rack that was made from deer legs several years ago. Well, if you are a DIY kind of person, I would think they would be one of the easiest things to taxidermy.

Deer Foot Gun Rack Kit

Vintage french 4 stag deer hoof hat coat / gun rack hunting lodge decor. Archive What to do with Deer legs/feet Outdoor Sports. Kman. November 13th, 2011, 05:43 PM. Mount to a nice wood for coat rack, rifle rack, etc? Then you can make the coat rack. I have no idea how to make a tomahawk. Soak the deer legs in the salt water for a couple of weeks, then take them out and form them into the shape you want to be in and let them dry. He was always just about to make a gun rack out of them but never did. Dad and Jack show you how to make your own deer hoof gun rack! Visit them at wwwDadandJackOutdoorscom Fan them on Facebook and follow them on more.

Take the whole lower part of the leg and turn it into a cool custom gun rack that can be mounted to a wall or over your fireplace. Use the bones to make broth for cooking deer meat stews and soups. What do I need to do to be able to make this for him. Newbie Cecil Dean Perry, MO. I have made several gun racks and coat racks from deer legs. I just take the deer leg and tie it at the angle i want it and put it in the bottom of the fridge for a couple of months. Im wanting to preserve the front deer legs for knife handles. Yep the denatured alcohol dries the meat which ant much and tenden you can make good gun racks just tie them to something thats a right angle and soak.