How To Make Fire Pit Benches (DIY Project Download)

Growing up in the suburbs meant that I spent as much of my summer outside as I could. As a kid we would play hide-and-go-seek in the backyard. If the night was warm enough we would sometimes set up a tent and sleep outside. This is one of the widely practiced and liked outdoor bench plans; What if you don’t have a fire pit in your backyard, you can always go for bonfire ideas. The bench is a perfect addition to a garden, deck or around a fire pit. If you decide to use treated lumber, only make the base assemblies from it and use cedar or redwood for the seat slats.

how to make fire pit benches 2How to build a fireplace with a bench for your own garden. Working time approx. I did a similar project except with an above ground fire pit. We used limestone gravel as a base. One builder by the name of Joshua decided that instead of spending a ton of money on a fire pit bench, he would build one himself. Joshua had full creative control over this project from beginning to end, and his hard work definitely paid off: What he created is simple to follow, and totally gorgeous. An outdoor fire pit makes the backyard such a fun place to be in those perfect summer nights!! S’mores, here I come!!. Especially the contrast of the white bench! Garden Fireplace with Bench.

Use several curved fire pit benches so everyone can gather around the fire. This curved fire pit bench is made of weather-resistant eucalyptus with oiled finish. Make your own curved benches around a fire pit to create an ‘I want to be there’-oasis in your garden for lovely summer and Fall evenings. Add a finishing touch to your backyard fire pit with fireside seating. Free-standing chairs offer a low-cost option for campfire seating, but fire pit benches introduce a new design element to scene.

Garden Fireplace With Bench

how to make fire pit benches 3Built-in benches around a fire pit offer the perfect spot for relaxing day or night. 10 of 18. The plan started as a bench that would be a full circle around the fire pit, but Rhodes realized that would be too big.. The bench took about 2 days to complete, and the supplies ended up setting him back just about 125, as opposed to buying a bench which could cost up to 2,000.

Curved Fire Pit Bench