How To Make Headboard For Bed (DIY Project Download)

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Now make that bed plush and lovely with just the right bedding! I don’t have a headboard, and I actually haven’t had one since I left my parents’ house after high school. When it comes to the bedroom, a good headboard can pretty much make the room. We’ve rounded up more than 20 DIY projects and creative ideas for the head of your bed that will have your bedroom looking like a million bucks.

how to make headboard for bed 2What makes DIY headboards so interesting is the fact that they go beyond the basics and they usually also double as decorative pieces for the bedroom. The four-panel screen fits perfectly above the king-size bed. Headboards are not a mandatory item in the bedroom yet their impact in the bedroom is massive. A headboard can make the room look smaller or larger, it can animate it through color or offer it elegance and nobility through a black velvet cover or fashion it with dazzling gold and glitter. Putting a wooden headboard between the bed and a brick or stone wall forced cold air toward the floor, instead of over the bed. You can repurpose a door for a headboard, or make an easy upholstered headboard with plywood, batting and fabric.

Make a DIY Headboard From a Repurposed Door. Transform an old door into a (nearly) new headboard. A queen-size bed frame can easily set you back 2,000. A salvaged door? A headboard takes up a chunk of wall space, so it’s often what people see first when they enter a bedroom. Make sure it’s focal point-worthy by using one of the following ideas.

34 Diy Headboard Ideas

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