How To Make Old Wood Cabinets Look Better (DIY Project Download)

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Here are 10 of our top kitchen cabinet upgrades, along with step-by-step instructions chock full of pro tips, shopping lists, and tools lists to help you get the job done right. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up the space, and an overhaul isn’t in the budget, try one of these easy kitchen cabinet upgrades. Crown molding and picturesque arrangements make simple cabinetry look polished and elegant. Try these easy ways to update your cabinets with paint, molding, inserts, and new hardware. Give old wood doors a makeover, but let a bit of their original character show through.

how to make old wood cabinets look better 2Make sure cabinets are sanded free of the old finish/stain. ) Add crown molding: If your kitchen cabinets are in good condition, but just need an upscale look add wood details like crown molding and dentils. It has what I believe are pecan wood cabinets in the kitchen, bathrooms, hall and wet bar. This gives the existing surface tooth and allows the polyurethane to adhere better. The room was already looking worlds better, thanks to projects like the fresh white paint, wood floors, painting a bright red door, and raising the old header over the sink and adding a new pendant light & rugs. I thought that adding simple trim to the fronts would really dress them up and make them look more expensive than they are. All it would take was a quick sanding down with an orbital sander to remove the numbers, right? (Spoiler: nnnnnoootttt.

Make an old tired kitchen look inviting again with just a few simple inexpensive changes. Changing hardware and picking the right paints will gives the kitchen a richer look for a small fraction of a replacement or re-skinning the cabinets. Flooring plan: For wood floor, refinishing is the best option to replacing them, but if it’s not in the budget, painting them is another choice that can give the floors a renewed look. I am getting ready to put my house on the market and I would like to clean restore my kitchen cabinets. So I would like to clean them a little and then maybe just rub them down with something that can make them look a bit better. Something like Old English or Pledge. In cases where the finish is completely gone and bare wood is showing it may be necessary to go to the extreme and strip off all the old finish, sand and re-finish. It works on all types of cabinet, including wood, melamine, laminate and more. It’s easy to make your old kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls look brand new with a few coats of spray paint.

10 Ways To Breathe Life Into Old Cabinetry

how to make old wood cabinets look better 3Nothing updates old cabinets as quickly as fresh coat of paint. Painting cabinets yourself is cost-effective a few gallons of paint, sandpaper, cleaner but the process is time-intensive. Lighter-colored paints will make your kitchen seem bigger. If you order matching wood molding from your cabinet’s manufacturer, be prepared for a color difference between new molding and older cabinets. Change the glass insert in a cabinet door, and you change the look and feel of your kitchen. Give your kitchen a whole new look by painting your old wood cabinets. When sanding, there is no need to remove all of the old paint if it is sound and well-adhered; just roughen the surface to provide the new paint with a firm, clean base for better adhesion. They’re very old, were rarely cleaned, with a thick orange lacquer and dated gold hardware. I’m willing to put time and energy in to make the kitchen look nicer, but I don’t know where to begin. How to Stain OAK Cabinetsthe simple method (without sanding)! I realized I didn’t have any that captured the old color and look of the cabinets very well. All of this sanding will make your paint adhere better and will give it a nice smooth finish. BTW, our kitchen cabinets look just like yours before – awful! If you’re serious about painting and have solid wood cabinets, I recommend consulting with a reputable interior painter to ensure you properly prepare the area and use the correct type of paint. Will painting over old cabinets get rid of some of the bad old musty home odor?

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Cabinet finishes can start to look old pretty quickly in a kitchen used daily. Here’s how to restore cabinets, whether the wood is stained or painted. Just as you can restore cabinets with stain finishes that have tired out, you can also restore cabinets whose painted surfaces have seen better days. Make certain that you keep track of which cabinet doors and drawers go where, as it will make the re-install considerably easier. If the project looks like it will require a lot of sanding, hang overlapping sheets of plastic over the kitchen entrance to keep sanding dust from migrating throughout the house. For me, there’s nothing better than BIN, Zinsser’s shellac-based pigmented primer. Beautiful looking wood cabinets can make the look of your kitchen, den living room or study. Our years of experience have taught us the proper way to remove the old finish, stain and seal your cabinets so they will look new and alive again. All of these finishes look better and last longer when at least two coats are applied. Spray them with the air compressor to make sure all the sanding dust is off. I have repainted my kitchen cabinets beforeyours look better.

I have decided although its better than golden stain, I don’t really care for the look of painted oak. For an authentic, stained wood look, make sure to wipe with the grain of the wood and be mindful of intersections. Even if it wasn’t super obvious when the wood was just stained, it’s going to be more evident once the paint dries. You skip sanding. Update: We have a much newer cabinet-painting post with more photos, details, and even a video for you here. There are many different colors of wood fill, but since you’re painting your cabinets, matching the tone isn’t really a big deal (although it can’t hurt to grab the one that most closely resembles the color of your current cabinets). Note: lead paint is a serious health risk when sanding, so if you have an older home with already-painted cabinets that look decades old it’s worth testing for lead with a 6 lead test kit from Home Depot. Spot-cleaning kitchen cabinets after spills and drips is easy enough, but finding a process and product that removes the grime and grease from many a meal preparation takes patience and a little bit of label research (especially if you are tackling a painted surface). Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets With One Easy Product. Next up, you have an optional step of applying a decorative glaze, which gives it an antique or patina-ed look by enhancing the wood grain. If you’re looking to paint an old table or chest, this will protect your pieces from dings and scratches much better than paint would. Our old hinges and screws were brassnot a good look with gray cabinets.