How To Make Plyo Boxes (DIY Project Download)

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Really Easy Strawberry Vanilla Crunch Parfaits. March 15, 2016. breakfast-bowls Fajita Breakfast Bowls. Without further adoin the words of my amazingly hot and talented husband, here is the step by step tutorial for your 3-in-1 wood plyo box! Check out this instructable (my first) to make your own!

how to make plyo boxes 2This was a project I embarked on because I thought it would be quick and easy. I wanted something I thought I could finish in a single trip to TechShop. With a little more planning I could have done this but it would have been a long day so it ended up taking me 2 days or roughly 8 hours. Using Plyo Boxes (Plyometric) can be a good exercise to enhance leg muscles. Making plyo boxes of different heights will allow for changes in difficulty. Find the crossfit games Plyoboxes at Rogue. It might seem expensive, but It's well worth the price when you think of the WORK involved in making one of these to such exact specifications.

Building your own plyometric box is a great way to save money on fitness equipment if you already own household tools. Even if you don’t plan to practice jumping, plyo boxes are a great addition to your home gym for other exercises like step-ups and modified pushups. One of the most common items in the gym today is the simple plyometric box. These boxes are a fantastic way to get your workout on, and it’s easy to make them any size you need to push that workout to the next level. Plyometric training programs incorporate moves that make the muscles work better instead of just focusing on making them larger. Training with a plyo box increases jumping height for basketball players while increasing endurance for any type of athlete.

Crossfit Style Plyo Box (table Saw)

To do them, you’ll need a plyo box, soft box, or a sturdy elevated surface. Use the spreadsheet available here to calculate the measurements if you would like to make different box sizes. If you go to a gym, you likely have access to plyo boxes. But if you work out in your garage, getting your hands on a box from one of the many fitness companies out there is going to cost you a pretty penny. Disclaimer: This is just one of many ways you can build a plyo box, it may not be the best or the the most sturdy but it will be sufficient. Do I really trust these Home Hardware guys to make exact and straight cuts.

How To Make A Plyometric Step Up Wood Box