How To Make Wooden Ink Pens (DIY Project Download)

There is something timeless and earthy about holding a wooden pen instead of a plastic one. This simple turning idea will allow you to create your own custom made pens without needing a lathe to complete the production. Pen blanks are basically just a strip of 5′ X 1/2′ X 1/2′ wood or corian. With over 200 pen turning kits, Woodcraft’s full line of pen making supplies can help your imagination and personal style shine! Shop our collection today.

how to make wooden ink pens 2We offer pen stands, pen display cases, pen ink refills, pen funnels, desk set pens, lathe accessories, dust collection. Our pen turning blank will help you make pens and finish off your wood turning project. Make Pen and Ink Wood Slice Ornaments in under 15 minutes! Turning wooden writing pens on a lathe is a quick and easy project that even the novice can master with a little practice. With a vise or bench clamp force the ink cartridge holder (I) into the left end of pen blank (B).

Wooden Ink (R) has become synonymous with excellence in pens; quality craftsmanship coupled with a variety of exotic wood materials sourced from around the globe. Pen kits, pen making kits, project kits, project making kits, pen turning, wood turning, pen kits Australia, pen blanks, wood working, wood working supplies, box making, box hinges, brassware, Berea Hardwoods, Berea pens, Berea Australia. Handmade Wood Rollerball Pen or Fountain Pen Hawaiian Curly Koa Wood. Tennessee made Whiskey Barrel Cigar style pen Gun Metal finish Black ink.

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how to make wooden ink pens 3These fountain pens come with a black ink cartridge that can be obtained from any office supply store. Mark a 2.25 Note: The blank I picked is not a standard thickness. This–like most of my blanks–is a scrap piece from a different project. Heck Mont blanc make great ballpoint and rollerball cartridges that you could make fit. Not op but I also make pens, here’s my gallery, some are decent some aren’t nearly perfect. In this photo tutorial, Bonnie Klein shows how to make a wood pen. Use McKinney Pens for all of your custom exotic wood handcrafted pens. Many styles to choose from. We do want to make one note about the magazine’s description. I have a Pilot Custom made of maple wood with a really nice grain. However, I would really like to make the wood surface a bit more shiny.

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