How To Make Your Old Wood Cabinets Look New (DIY Project Download)

Kitchens are more than just where you prepare your meals. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up the space, and an overhaul isn’t in the budget, try one of these easy kitchen cabinet upgrades. Hang kitchen cabinets to add storage, paint or reface old ones to refresh the look of your room, and more. No mess like chemicals and sanding. Add a New Comment. It has what I believe are pecan wood cabinets in the kitchen, bathrooms, hall and wet bar. Whether your motivation for restoring your cabinets is for resale or for your enjoyment, bringing them back to life is definitely something you can do yourself. Save thousands of dollars by using paint and new hardware to update your existing kitchen cabinets instead of buying new ones. See how easy it is to add a beautiful stencil treatment to your cabinet doors.

how to make your old wood cabinets look new 2Nothing updates old cabinets as quickly as fresh coat of paint. Painting cabinets yourself is cost-effective a few gallons of paint, sandpaper, cleaner but the process is time-intensive. Lighter-colored paints will make your kitchen seem bigger. If you order matching wood molding from your cabinet’s manufacturer, be prepared for a color difference between new molding and older cabinets. Decorative glass takes stock cabinets and gives them a custom look, says Anthony Longo, who sells glass panels. They are the original builder grade cabinets from the early 1980’s. So I would like to clean them a little and then maybe just rub them down with something that can make them look a bit better. Cleaning and updating things – even if new home owner decides to change the exact things – has real world value. In cases where the finish is completely gone and bare wood is showing it may be necessary to go to the extreme and strip off all the old finish, sand and re-finish. But I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the dated 50’s cabinetry. New hardware would be fun, but what we had was fine, so I planned to spray paint them all black so they would match each other and coordinate with the other black accents in the room. Adding the trim to the doors covered up the old holes for the knobs, but I wanted to change their location anyways.

Stylish new pendant lights can easily become the new focal point of the room. Give your kitchen a whole new look by painting your old wood cabinets. Place the hardware and screws in plastic bags inside the cabinets where they will be easy to locate when you’re ready to reassemble. When choosing the finish for your hardware, think about what style will look best in your home.

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How to Clean Wood Kitchen Cabinets. Kitchen cabinets undergo a lot of wear and tear. Dear Ms. Builder: I want a fresh new remodeled look in our kitchen, but I cannot afford the 1,500 for new decorator cabinets. If your old wood cabinets were good quality and the hinges and doors still operate well, you can salvage them with a fresh coat of paint and save about 1,400. All of this sanding will make your paint adhere better and will give it a nice smooth finish. The new hardware make the entire kitchen look so much better, like it’s brand new!. Giving your kitchen a new look doesn’t have to cost much or take a lot of time. Replacing your kitchen cabinet doors won’t take long and will make an old kitchen look new. There’s ceramic, terracotta or porcelain tiles, laminate or wooden or vinyl flooring. Cabinet finishes can start to look old pretty quickly in a kitchen used daily. Here’s how to restore cabinets, whether the wood is stained or painted. Cabinet refacing can make them look new again while preserving their old-fashioned charm. Let the wood filler dry thoroughly, then give your antique cabinets one last sanding.

3 Ways To Clean Wood Kitchen Cabinets

The deglosser will eliminate the need for sanding or stripping to save you time (and a mess). Take out the gray bond coat from your Cabinet Transformations Kit and stir it thoroughly with a stir stick. On the other hand, you could clean your wooden cabinets using everyday materials you probably already own. How to Stain OAK Cabinetsthe simple method (without sanding)! Thanks to a new year and a goal to have them all completely finished. I realized I didn’t have any that captured the old color and look of the cabinets very well. Note: lead paint is a serious health risk when sanding, so if you have an older home with already-painted cabinets that look decades old it’s worth testing for lead with a 6 lead test kit from Home Depot. If the hardware is new, take time to measure twice before you drill to avoid any annoying mistakes that will make you want to putty and repaint, which never looks as good as the flawless finish that you get the first time around.

Painted cabinets look lovely, but they aren’t going to look totally smooth. If the cabinets have a visible open grain, the grooves are going to show through the paint, warns Don Fahrbach, president of professional painting company PNP Craftsmen in New York City. 7 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Amazing. You skip sanding. Spot-cleaning kitchen cabinets after spills and drips is easy enough, but finding a process and product that removes the grime and grease from many a meal preparation takes patience and a little bit of label research (especially if you are tackling a painted surface). Clean cabinet surface: Using your cleaner of choice, spray or wipe cabinet fronts one at a time. Howard’s Restor-a-Finish made my old knotty pine Ikea cupboard doors (from back when they had solid wood pine or oak doors) look like new. Sanding inside is a pain in the what, and did I mention it’s a mess? I love the way our new black bamboo floors look against the white distressed cabinets! I so agree with you on making your house the way you want and feeling settled! Thanks so much for linking up Carmel! Great to have you this week! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blogaversary. This same conundrum can occur with your kitchen cabinets as they begin to show signs of ageing. It’s not uncommon for people to start resurfacing their cabinets only to realize it costs a lot more than they were expecting to make their old cabinets look new. Wood can easily be damaged by water, and in your kitchen there is always a lot of water, especially if you have a leak somewhere. 12 Simple Ways To Make Your Old Cabinets and Drawers Feel New. Most cabinet doors now use European hinges that are hidden inside the cabinets to provide a clean, sleek look.