How To Measure A Drawer Pull (DIY Project Download)

That is the question you need to ask yourself when picking out drawer pulls and handles. You need to measure from the center of one mounting hole to the other. Measuring Boring. Properly measuring boring size can be tricky if you aren’t sure where to measure from. If you’re new to drawer pulls and aren’t really sure how to measure or install any of our pulls, or even if you aren’t quite sure which size to get, then we have you covered!. When drilling for cabinet drawer and door pulls, measure accurately so the pulls are level and centered. Correct placement is crucial for the look of the finished project.

how to measure a drawer pull 2How to Measure Drawer Pulls. Cabinet drawer pulls install onto the cabinets with screws. The pulls have threaded posts on the back side, and the screws slide through holes in the cabinet face into the posts. For cabinet pulls, standard center-to-center screw holes measure from 3 to 5 inches apart, or 64, 96, and 128 millimeters apart. The depth of your cabinet will determine the drawer slide length required. How to Install a Pull-Out Kitchen Shelf Norm Abram shows how to create easy access to items in a kitchen base cabinet. To measure how thick to make the cleats, open the cabinet door and position the drawer slide, with the inner rail extended, as close to the door hinge as it can get without touching.

I am trying to install drawer pulls on 3 drawers for a library table I have made. Put the pull on the scrap (parallel to an edge) and mark where the two screwholes should go; measure the distance between the marks to find the midpoint. I also have different size drawers and I so bought 3 lengths I believe. I’m hoping to do all pulls on my kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. I’m wondering what size pull to put on the different size doors/drawers.

How To Measure Drawer Pulls

There is nothing more irritating than coming up 1 piece short! Fourth, if you have pulls that you are replacing you will need to measure from the center to center of each screw hole in order to determine what size will best suit your drawer or door without requiring re-drilling or patching an existing hole. If you will have knobs on doors and drawers, stick to the same size or larger on drawers. Single pulls or knobs on drawers should be laterally centered and slightly higher than vertical center. Cabinet pulls are universally measured by the distance from the center of one screw hole to the center of the other screw hole. This is called the center-to-center. For under-mount slides, measure the drawer length. Weight rating is especially important when choosing slides for heavy-duty applications such as file drawers or pantry pull-outs. I’ve been looking all over the web for the method of centering a two screw drawer pull without measuring by drawing diagonal lines on the drawer. The specific pull you purchase will have a Center-to-center measurement.

How To Properly Drill 2 Holes For Drawer Pulls?

How to install cabinet knobs with a template or cabinet pulls with a template so that you don’t make costly and unfortunate mistakes when drilling through your new cabinet doors. The trick is to figure out where exactly you want your knobs and handles placed and then to build a template so that you can easily mark where to drill on all of your drawers and doors without measuring and remeasuring and marking and remarking again and again each time. The Liberty Cabinet and Drawer Pull Installation Template makes cabinet pulls easy to install in 3 quick steps. It provides various center-to-center measurements up to 4 in.