How To Measure Drawers For Slides (DIY Project Download)

Slide Measurements. The most important quality to keep in mind while selecting your drawer slide is its physical size. According to our convention, we measure drawer slides in terms of Length, Depth, and Height. If you have high-quality full extension drawer slides that are properly fitted and measured, you will get years of life from them. They will extend the life of your cabinetry as well. However, if you get poorly fitted slides, they will warp the cabinets as well as jamming the slides themselves. I’ve completed the measuring and design work, and have drawn up the plans. He’s okay’d them.

how to measure drawers for slides 2The depth of the drawer must be measured accurately. The length of the slide is described by its length in the fully closed position. The fully closed slide must fit easily between the drawer front and the rear of the cabinet. If you consider each of these criteria it should be easy to find a slide of the proper length. Buying drawer slides made easy. Read this Home Depot guide for information on slide types, configurations, disconnects and installation considerations. Measure the inside width of the opening and the outside width of the drawer box to be sure you have the correct drawer box width. Once you have the weight capacity and the allowance measurements and have decided on a length, you can choose a drawer slide.

While there are many types of drawer slides one can purchase or make, I always seem to gravitate back to these full-extension ball bearing slides. Find great deals on eBay for Soft Close Drawer Slides in Cabinet Drawer Glides and Slides. Shop with confidence. To determine which size of slides will fit your drawer perfectly, please measure the length of the drawer without the frame board. Frequently asked questions for Accuride regarding slides, drawers, drawings, installation, removal and more.

Drawer Slide Selection

how to measure drawers for slides 3Depending on the size of the drawer unit you will need a drawer slide to match, the length is measured as the longest dimension of a fully closed slide – so the slide should fit the length of the drawer. Slides normally come in regular lengths rounded to the nearest 50mm – although mini slides are a bit more irregular in their sizing. Mounting slides in frameless cabinets is a simple procedure. To determine which size slide to use, first measure the depth of the cabinet. Be sure to take into account any obstructions that may interfere with the operation of the drawer. Undermount drawer slides are much easier to install than their traditional forbearers. One of the largest, most well-known makers of undermount drawer slides is the Austrian company blum. Over the years their Tandem drawer system has built a reputation for quality and ease of installation. Measuring and layout. Measuring correctly and understanding the different styles of cabinet drawer slides is very important. We strive to provide you with the information necessary to aid you in making the right choice. Please study the information carefully, measure your application with precision and ask questions if you aren’t sure before you make your drawer slide purchase. To ensure that the shelf can slide past the cabinet door and hinges, you will need to fur out the drawer slides with cleats. To measure how thick to make the cleats, open the cabinet door and position the drawer slide, with the inner rail extended, as close to the door hinge as it can get without touching. When measuring your drawer, it is best to completely remove it from the cabinet or dresser. Depending on the type of slide you currently have, it may have a release lever or the drawer simply lifts and can be removed for measuring.

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