How To Mount A Truck Tool Box Without Drilling (DIY Project Download)

How To Install a bed box WITHOUT Drilling Holes on your truck. The only problem is, you don t really know how to install the bed box, or you don t want to drill holes in your bed rails! Well, with this write up, I will tell you how you can install your bed box with no drilling, and only a few tools. I want to mount my cross over truck box without drilling holes in my side rails. I have some old clamps on my toolbox that work great, but I have no idea were I got them. This Better Built Grip Rite Truck Box Mounting Kit includes everything you need to mount a crossover or side-mount truck box to your truck bed without drilling any holes. 4in.L x 2in.W. Easy-to-use clamps grip tight for a secure mount that won’t damage your truck bed. No extra tools are required.

how to mount a truck tool box without drilling 2Prices and availability of products and services are subject to change without notice. Mounting Tool Chest Aftermarket Products. Im not too excited about drilling holes in the bed to mount it, anyone have any good alternative mounting ideas? Its about 56 wide so it takes up most of the bed. That way I can move the box around for different loads, but it can’t be stolen (without bolt cutters). I have needed a tool box for my truck and was checking out new Weatherguard boxes which are quite pricey. Why the boards? Because it was a simple, inexpensive way for me to install heavy duty D-Ring anchor points without drilling my bed or the tool box.

Basically, if I have my stainless bolts touching the aluminum utilitrack and the aluminum tool box and the aluminum I used for mounting, I will cause some corrosion of the aluminum when there’s salt on it. I’ve been looking for a tool box and I’m leaning towards the UWS-TBC-42-W-BLK. Has anyone installed one of these without drilling into the bed? I know this will sound nuts but a full size truck box will fit in the bed front to back. Why not just mount it to the bed rails with some aluminum angle? Truck bed tool boxes vary according to where they attach to the truck, what they are made of, what type of finish is used, and their lid configuration.

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A cross-bed toolbox is practical; it keeps gear and tools from sliding around loose on the bed exposed to the weather and also out of sight and secure from the bad elements walking around on two legs. Other items to consider are how the box is mounted, the type of lid supports used, and the type of internal cargo management. They allow the box to be installed without drilling holes in the bedrails (an important consideration if the truck is being leased or you are worried about resale value. I am actually interested in getting the Husky Tool Chest for my ’03 Tundra. I am thinking that you need to drill holes in the floor of the bed and in the front wall of the bed to install the necessary bolts to hold it down. Do you have any suggestions for getting at the bolts without pulling out the whole bedliner.

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