How To Move A Wooden Swing Set (DIY Project Download)

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For families wondering if they can move their child’s beloved swing set or playset, the answer is ‘yes. When moving, these families are often reluctant to leave their kids’ favorite outdoor play equipment behind. I have been stalking Craigslist for a swing set (and a vintage travel trailer) for months now. I own my own business installing & moving wooden swing sets all over New England & having been doing it for 15 years. Planning a move? This informative guide will help you safely and effectively disassemble and transport your outdoor play set or swing set.

how to move a wooden swing set 2Has anyone ever moved a wooden swing set? I have an opportunity to get one cheap (free). The only problem is it’s an hour away and pretty big. I’m. How big is it and how far are you moving. I know someone who moved a fairly large wooden playset by simply putting it, fully assembled, on the back of a large pick up truck. Wooden style swing sets will typically show signs of rotting over time.

We’ve been thinking about finding a buying a wooden swingset off of craigslist, but i’m concerned about the logistics of actually taking one down and. Moving a swing set requires proper planning. Steps to take apart, reassemble, and move properly are covered here. Elite Installations offers a relocation service for your swing set which includes:.

Moving A Wooden Swing Set

how to move a wooden swing set 3Moving a Swing Set. Many swing sets or outdoor play sets require more than one person to disassemble and reassemble, making them fairly expensive. If you need to move outdoor equipment, learn how to properly pack and ship it here. Everything from swing sets, to kids toys, to patio furniture, grills and more!. Our kind neighbors have a 15 year old Rainbow swing set that they said we could have. We would love to have it but we aren’t handy and so we don’t how how we would move it and/or disassemble it and then reassemble it. Take pictures of all sides of the set so you know how to put it back together (unless you have the assembly directions). Use labeled zip lock bags to identify the hardware for the different sections. A wooden swing set looks great among the trees and foliage of your backyard. When you move houses or reformat your existing landscape, however, you might need to move your swing set. I setup and assembled one of those big wooden swingsets from Costco a few years ago. Now we’d like to move it to a different part of the yard.

Party Services And Crating For Moving Swing Set

Thinking of buying a used wood swing set but wondering how you’ll move it? Moving a wood swing set takes special care and we know how to disassemble, move and reassemble it so that it is put together correctly and safely for your kids to enjoy. This article is to help you make your swing set move a breeze. There are different types of swing sets; some are made out of wood and others of metal. Swing set sizes vary too. The thought of moving a child’s outdoor wooden play set may leave you with thoughts of leaving it behind. Store the swings in boxes or plastic garbage bags to keep the chains from tangling. I have a small yard can I still purchase a Rainbow swing set? What do we do if we move?

I can install, repair, or relocate nearly any wooden Swing Set. in all of MA, RI, CT, & NH. All the brands you are familiar with: CedarWorks, Triumph Play Systems, Rainbow Playsystems, WoodPlay, Creative Playthings, Gorilla Playsets, PlayNation, ChildLife, Backyard Discovery, Adventure Playsets, Leisure Time Products, Cedar Summit, Big Backyard, Swing-N-Slide, and more. Installed – Moved – Repaired. All of MA, RI, CT, & NH. Buy Backyard Discovery Prescott Cedar Wooden Swing Set at This item is only available for curbside delivery, and will not be moved into your home or garage.