How To Organize A Deep Closet (DIY Project Download)

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Tips for how to organize deep shelves in the pantry and linen closet. Space wasn’t the issue in this linen closet. It was plenty big and already had built-in shelves. But the shelves weren’t adjustable, they were so deep things got lost at the back of the closet, and the highest shelf was nearly impossible to reach. We have a deep closet in our master bathroom (probably about 20 inches). We store medicines in it, along with other bathroom-type supplies.

how to organize a deep closet 2Since the closet is so deep, we knew that getting to the very back of the bottom shelf might be difficult at times – especially when you’re trying to neatly put away clean linens. Use these tricks to organize your linen closet. 13 Tricks for Organizing Your Chaotic Linen Closet. The most cluttered spot in your home is about to become the tidiest (really). If you’re dealing with deep shelving in a clothes closet, you always have the option of installing a rod from which you can hang short items like skirts, shorts, perhaps even jewelry. Tags: baskets, bins, canvas storage bins, deep shelves, organize it, plastic storage container, shelving, shorts, storage, storage bin, tension rod, wicker baskets, wood crate.

Learn the ten biggest mistakes people make when organizing a closet and how to avoid them. The spelunker’s special comes in two styles: a narrow, deep box or a deep, dark L. If opening up the front wall for double doors is out of the question, hang rods in front of the opening, where they are visible. Home & Organizing Tips. Plunge In. If you’re as worried about guests seeing your clean laundry as you are the dirty, it’s probably time to reorganize your linen closet. It’s easy to accumulate a large collection of worn-out and mismatched linens that crowd shelves in towering heaps, so jammed together that when you tug at one towel or reach for that mauve twin sheet, everything comes tumbling down.

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Organize everything in your closet with the help of a new closet system from Wayfair! Whether you have a walk in or reach in closet, we have an organizer system for you. The Deep Deluxe Closet Organizer Set includes six shelves, two vertical tower sides, two 72” garment bars, one 48” garment bar, six angle brackets, six garment bar J-Hooks, one assembly instructions / configuration guide and all hardware and fasteners. Bathrooms are not the easiest rooms to organize. Guest Bathroom: Our guest bathroom linen closet also has deep shelves so I’ve used woven baskets from Target to store guest towels, beach towels, bathroom cleaning supplies, etc. Deep shelves tend to get untidy fast and clothes mysteriously disappear in the vast darkness of your closet. With shallower shelves, placed above and beside each other, you have easy access to your clothes and more of an overview on whats there. The closet is 44 1/2 inches wide, 58 inches deep, and 8 feet high. I have shelves on both sides (48 by 11.5 inches) two feet below the ceiling. If there is one thing I do not like, it’s deep closet shelves! In my opinion, it’s a sure fire way to lose things and have no idea of what you own. How to Organize A Lot of Clothing in Very Little Closet Space. If you still have space behind your folded clothes (i.e. really deep shelves) store your out-of-season sandals/sweaters back there.

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Here are some storage and organization tips to help maximize your closet space. John Louis Home Collection 12 Inch Deep Simplicity Closet System Honey Maple Today: EUR 252. I need brilliant organization ideas to make use of a weird space. This sounds like the closets in my house..deep and narrow, although mine are all under the eaves so I have to contend with a sloping ceiling. DESIGN HINTS – The best closet organization designs are based upon proper measurement of your closet space.