How To Organize A Hall Closet (DIY Project Download)

Remember when I helped my sister organize her hall closet gone wild?! The results still amaze me (if you haven’t seen the before, you totally should check it out). The closets around your house can organize your family’s accessories, hobbies, and more. Removing the door and painting the inner walls to match the hallway outside will make the space seem more like a mudroom and less like a closet. How to Organize a Hall Closet (aka, taking an overgrown closet of randomness and changing it into a useable, functional space).

how to organize a hall closet 2My closet literally looks like a junkyard by the time winter is over. Now, because this closet isn’t included in my regular cleaning routine, it gets its own special routine which I do once or twice a year, and I am pleased to share it with you. This is one of the easiest and most practical ideas for keeping your closet well-organized have you ever thought about coming up with a handmade closet kit? Before, it was semi-organized, but now everything has its place!

Get tips to organize a linen closet to maximize space, function and beauty. But the linen closet was a different type of organizing project. Our linen closet is located in our main hallway near three bedrooms and a bathroom. For most of us, the hall closet is a catch-all for boots, coats, and random items. Get your hall closet organized with these tips from Harkraft!

Clean & Organize Your Front Hall Closet: Spring Cleaning!

how to organize a hall closet 3Our problem? Too much stuff. What’s the solution for too much stuff? De-clutter! You won’t believe the transformation of this hall closet! The house we had before had no hall closet, I mean nothing. So when we moved to this bigger house with a closet I knew I wanted to keep it nice and organized. When the seasons change, my front hall is a magnet for clutter and dirt.

Organize A Hall Linen Closet