How To Paint Laminate Furniture To Look Like Wood (DIY Project Download)

If you are painting a surface that is not easy to paint, i.e. laminate, etc., then it is a must that you begin with a high adhesive primer. Tagged With: Furniture makeovers, Glazing Techniques, paint that looks like wood. See more about Painting Laminate Furniture, Wood and Laminate Furniture. I paint the majority of my real wood pieces this way, too, so it really works for just about any sort of wood furniture. Looks like I have something new to discover!

how to paint laminate furniture to look like wood 2So while laminate furniture may look like it has a wood grain, it’s not actually real, so there’s no reason not to paint it to your heart’s content! Common concerns when painting laminate furniture are:1. Bubbling while the paint/primer is still wet. (usually plastic) that is actually ‘printed’ to look like it has woodgrain.

While so many of us own pieces of wood laminate furniture, so few ever think to reinvent them with paint. These bookcases are made of a particle board-like composite with a faux-wood laminate exterior. Ready to look at your home in a new way? I started with a light wood laminate armoire from my son’s playroom. If I spent more time blog surfing I might have helped, but looks like you figured it out yourself, LOL. Hello, can you paint very good condition (clean) Formica cabinets?

Giving Old Laminate Furniture A Whole New Look!

So my mom remembered that I had a roll of wood veneer in my storage, and suggested that I use that directly on top of the laminate top. I stained the top with Rust-Oleum Early American, and then I painted the body of the cabinet with Behr paint in an eggshell finish in a very subtle grayish green color. This is a great & cheap to give furniture a new look. If it is yellow french provincial than there is likely laminate SOMEWHERE ON IT. Usually the top. Sometimes laminate looks like wood veneer. To know the difference. Since painting the space deep blue, the once faux-wood bookcases got lost in the dark hue of the walls, and they were ready for a transformation. At this point of the project, I made the decision to make a few much-needed updates to the structure and look of the bookcase. Laminate cabinets are durable, easy to clean and much more affordable than wood. With a little paint, you can make laminate cabinets look like wood at a price that costs much less than actual wood. The best part of all is, I changed the look of this piece in 48 hours! It looks like your desk is a combination of veneer and solid wood.

How To Paint Laminate

Zinsser BIN Shellac-Based Primer which is specially designed for laminate surfaces. How To Make Your Ikea Furniture Look Vintage. I’m interested in getting a couple of Kallax pieces in birch effect and staining them like conventional wood furniture. Always buy real wood. I’ve seen so many dressers that look like that in thrift store, but hated the colors now I know exactly how to solve that problem. Painting laminate furniture is a different process than painting wood, because you are basically painting over plastic. You can usually tell pretty easily, but sometimes a very shiny, thick clear coat can make a piece look like it might be laminate. While the front and the drawers were made out of real wood, the sides, shelves and backs were made out of what I like to call the fake stuff. They look fabulous, thanks for the tip on using Varathane floor finish. I have a table to paint just like yours and I did buy the stain block stuff (not zinsser but another brand cos we don’t seem to get that here but I’m assured it’s the same stuff) but I haven’t had the courage to use it yet LOL! How lame am I? I just have a bedroom to paint then I am definitely going to get that darned table done!.

Today I’m gonna teach you how to paint laminate furniture. One problem that pesky laminate covering over the real wood. Mine looks like someone dumped a large garbage can full of craft supplies directly into the middle of it. I’ll show you how to paint laminate furniture with this step by step tutorial. Now like I said before, this credenza weighs a ton and I could not easily move it, so I decided to paint it right there, inside my house. Very nice makeover it looks brand new and expensive xx. How to Paint furniture with a faux antique distressed look In this video we are show how you can make old furniture look softer. How to Paint any piece of wood furniture In this Home and Garden video tutorial you will learn how to paint any piece of wood furniture. How to Paint Bedroom Walls like a pro To prepare a bedroom for walls to be painted, remove as much furniture and objects from the room. I, unfortunately, have two pieces of furniture that are covered in that yucky wood veneer. If you see a finish on a piece of furniture that is highly glossy (not laquered), looks like the wood grain has been painted on and the piece is over a composite base, it’s probably laminate. So, how can you tell if your furniture is solid wood versus laminate or veneer? There are several ways to determine this. Looks like wood, but is really pressed wood or paper fiber. Also, don’t dismiss furniture because it has laminate on it. The top surface is marred and would like to refinish.