How To Paint Over Wood Trim (DIY Project Download)

Do you want your old trim to look fresh, smooth and crisp after you’ve painted it? If I could sum up my Summer in DIY terms, it was all about painting. Anyway, alot of projects got accomplished and one in particular were the oak stained wood mouldings that I painted white. We just painted the entire inside of our housewalls, ceilings, trim, and doors. This is especially true when painting over stained and varnished trim.

how to paint over wood trim 2Love this simple, easy room redo. Gets rid of our over load of wood trim and base boards and will be good cover up for the nicks and holes in existing. Until we upgrade. Over the past few years, I’ve painted almost all of the outdated wooden trim in our 1970’s house. Although it took some time to complete, it was a really inexpensive update that made a huge impact in the overall look and feel of our home. Regardless of the religious factor involved in painting hardwood trim, (lololol) if you must do it, you need to buff sand the wood, 150 or 220 is fine for this step. I’ve painted over lots of old houses, most homeowners want to update the house by painting the old outdated look of wood to something more trendy like bright white.

It’s all plastic, or glued-together scraps, or really ugly cuts of wood, all painted white. It costs a small fortune to upgrade to stained trim, if you can even convince the builder to do it. Most stained wood trim, doors and windows that I see is sun-bleached, nicke. Trim is a honey-oak color that looks outdated and I want to make it all white. Not sure what prep or paint type is needed to go over the high.

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Tackling Tough Painting. Painting Clean Corners On Textured Walls. Textured Ceiling Painting Tips. Varnished Trim Painting Tricks. Painting Over Existing Wall Coverings. The natural wood trim is so fantastic and really adds to the value of the house. Painted wood trim, no matter how much you agonize over the color and paint it perfectly, is just never as special as the original wood. We want to either stain our oak trim and doors or paint them white. How to Paint Wood Trim: With these tips, you can paint that ugly wood trim white with NO SANDING!. I’m in a rental apartment, and I would love to paint over the red oak trim, which looks like it’s been varnished/treated. When painting over stained trim, rough up the old finish with sandpaper or use liquid deglosser so the paint will adhere to the surface. A stain blocking primer should be used over natural or stained wood surfaces to prevent them from bleeding through the paint. Today woodwork may not be wood at all. Usually will cover the previous finish better; Can be used to paint over other alkyd or acrylic paint.

Painting Stained Wood

To get paint to adhere to wood, you usually have to sand to get it to grip, especially with anything that’s varnished. Hi Julie, does this work over painted surfaces or just varnished wood? Lightly hand sand the wood trim, such as baseboards and door and window facings, to allow the paint to adhere to it. Once everything has been sanded, go over the walls and trim with a clean, damp cloth to remove any sanding dust. This is one of a few situations when you can bend the law about never using water based paints over freshly painted oil based paints but you only want to touch up the bare areas, don t go over the entire surface. If you are living in a home-built by Frank Lloyd Wright for instance, painting over the wood trim would be like putting a mustache on the Mona Lisa.

For some reason, men have this almost-religious affinity for wood. For damaged trim, he uses painter’s putty or a two-part wood filler, such as Minwax’s High Performance Filler. When applying latex over alkyd paint or when he is not sure of the original finish, Brian Doherty, a painter in Richmond, Virginia, follows the hand-sanding with liquid sandpaper to make sure the surface is completely deglossed to prevent incompatibility problems.