How To Paint The Back Of A Bookcase (DIY Project Download)

Wrap a piece of cardboard in fabric and put at back of bookcase instead of painting or wallpaper. Change as frequently as you like. IKEA hack. DIY furniture. We’re back with the after pics of our freshly painted built-ins. As we mentioned in the last post, we went with an inky blue color with hints of green called Dragonfly from Benjamin Moore’s Affinity line (color matched to Lowe’s No-VOC Olympic paint for the bambino). 6 Make a stock bookcase sturdier and add charm at the same time. Switch out the flimsy back panel with beadboard. Then paint it out to coordinate with the room.

how to paint the back of a bookcase 2Give an old bookshelf a face-lift with the help of paint. How to Make Floor-to-Ceiling Bookshelves How to Decorate the Back of a Bookcase With Fabric. Watch this video to find out how to paint and decorate a large, built-in bookcase so it blends in and complements a room, rather than overpowering it. When decorating a bookcase, start by removing everything on it; then put back only what’s needed to give a sparse but colorful mix of books and accessories. I painted the back of my bookcases the same color as the wall.

If you’ve ever wanted to jazz up the bookcases in your home, they can benefit from a simple coat of paint to add style and color. Whether they’re free standing or built in, the effect is the same!. And check out the back of the bookcase UGLY! It was basically paper and when I started to paint the surface, it started warping even more. TIP: If I had to paint the bookcases again, I would choose latex instead of oil-based paint. I’ll be back later this week to show you some before and after pictures from when we opened up our living room to our adjacent kitchen! Love grasscloth? I also put grasscloth wallpaper up in our hallway above the board and batten back in the spring.

How To Paint A Wood Bookshelf

Learn how to give a builder-grade bookcase a high-end look with trendy wallpaper, then get tips for styling the shelves with chic accessories, clutter-concealing baskets, framed photos and books. This painted bookcase was nondescript and lacked the oomph it needed to serve as the living room’s true focal point. Food Network Star Is Back! Sometimes you’re allowed to paint the walls, but only if you paint them back to their original color when you leave, which might not always be worth the effort. Painting the back of my existing bookcase made a huge difference. And then there’s the option of painting it the wall color (Behr Crisp Celery), but I’m afraid that’ll just look like I forgot to build a back onto the built-in and the wall is showing through. That’s right. Foam board. Cut the foam board to fit in the back of the case and paint it any color you want. Hey, paint each side differently and switch it up twice a year if you like. 6. Nail the backing back onto the bookshelf, dress her up and enjoy! My bookcase makeover: How to makeover your bookcase without paint. This DIY project is inexpensive and easy to do and will note hurt your furniture.

How To Paint The Back Of Your Bookcase

Wallpaper, wrapping paper, paint and fabric were all on the table as options. 1) We primed and painted the back board, which in Ikea Billy Bookcases easily slides in and out of place.