How To Paint Wood (mdf) To A High Gloss Mirror Finish (DIY Project Download)

The piece of MDF that I’m going to paint. Edges are your enemy when going for a mirror finish. With this little block you can sand in the middle of the wood pieces of your case without hitting the edges until you want to. Any high gloss spray paint should work. How to Paint Wood (mdf) to a High Gloss Mirror Finish With a Spray Can – posted in Interior / Exterior / Paint – Detailing, washing, waxing,tricks of the trade!: Well I have been planning out my enclosure for my 15 DC XL and wanted something amazing that is really going to turn heads, I looked into suede, plexiglass, carpet, fiberglass. And decided on a combination of them, but Theonly part I didnt know how to accomplish was achieving that show car paint job, a high shine high-gloss. How to get a high gloss mirror finish on MDF or Plywood – posted in Sound Deadening & Fabrication: Hi all, This isn’t car audio related but I’m sure some people on here will have done this in their builds. First and foremost you need to get the wood sealed and smooth. Again myself I’d use a 2K direct gloss black paint as it gives the deepest colour and shine, but with aerosols you may find it easier to apply a few coats of black followed by a few coats of clear lacquer.

how to paint wood (mdf) to a high gloss mirror finish 2The finish is found on a lot of the European cabinets. It is a mirror gloss white over MDF slab doors. I am trying to get some advice on how to do this over MDF. KnowledgeBase: Finishing: General Wood Finishing Would you like to add information to this article?. I like the hi gloss black piano finish look and would like to try and duplicate it. Buy a piano and salvage the wood to make your box. Even the cheaper laquer paint, you can hand-polish them out close to a mirror finish. I work in the car audio custom installation industry and we finish MDF with high gloss paint frequently. Anyone have any ideas on how to achieve a high gloss piano black or other coloured finish to MDF? Im considering car sprays/primer and alot of sanding. Lot of work to get that ‘mirror’ finish. Then apply a coat or two of a good oil paint primer. Get the appropriate size piece of glass cut and use silicone caulking to bond it to a wood backer.

I am looking to make a stand out of mdf for a display in my business. im making it out of mdf as it would be a real shame if i made it out of oak and the glossed it. I want to get the high gloss finish that i see in places like ikea. im pretty jealous really as i have never been able to achieve that quality. Back in the 1970s there used to be this old bloke on the Humbrol paints stand at the DIY exhibition who had examples of furniture he hand-painted with Humbrol and it had a mirror finish. You can easily obtain a glossy finish by applying high-gloss paint. Meade Designs; How to Paint Wood (MDF) to a High Gloss Mirror Finish With a Spray Can. How do I achieve a piano black high gloss finish on wood? up vote 19 down vote favorite. 4. I’m building some speaker cabinets for my living room out of MDF. This usually means the paint was drying as it hit the surface, so adjusting the distance of the spray will help reduce that, which means less work with the sand paper.

High Gloss White Paint On Mdf

how to paint wood (mdf) to a high gloss mirror finish 3How to apply a high-gloss finish by hand, using abrasive polishing. And for beginners, hand-sanding and rubbing is less likely to burn or sand though paint and clear–it’s a safer route. I don’t have a wooden guitar, it wouldn’t still work would it? Paint Spraying MDF is not an easy process which could be done only by spray painting professionals in purpose built workshops. How to Spray High Gloss. I realized spraying MDF is nothing like wood. It is especially bad with gloss or metallic finishes. So what are you to do? Sometimes a project just NEEDS spray paint!. If I wanted a mirror like finish, I could sand the paint with high grit sand paper and finish it with a high gloss lacquer. High gloss spray finishing MDF, furniture, wardrobes and kitchen cupboards and doors. Spraying gloss techniques, final polishing, mirror effect on furniture surface. Will an oil based paint stick to it? Can I just use minwax high gloss polyurethane? I’d like to to finish them with a high gloss paint, but I’m not sure how to achieve it.

A Very High Gloss Finish

Capital Polishers Ltd – Paint sprayers, spray kitchen cabinets London, painting kitchen doors London, kitchen cupboards, kitchen doors, spray paint gloss. A sexy, glossy mirror like finish, lending itself to a contemporary styled kitchen. High gloss paint adds an upcharge, but high gloss laminate or foil doesn’t add much. Ever wonder how expert wood finishers get the mirror-like finish you find on examples of fine furniture? I want to reface oak cabinets and paint them white. I’m not looking for a high gloss finish, maybe a satin finish where the surface is smooth enough to write on without making marks in the surface. For the gloss base coat, should I wet sand the last coat before clear? I always get a smooth mirror finish, but that is only after curing for at least a week. I pretty much just use MDF or plywood for my projects – I’m not brave enough to try doing a real wood or veneer finish just yet Here’s my basic process for spray painting MDF, everyone’s secret recipe is a bit different, but it should point you in the right direction: (not sure if you’re using MDF, but should apply to most any wood) The basic process: (get ready for an information dump after this, haha) 1. Initially buying all the stuff can add up..wax, paint, wood filler, etc., but you usually get enough to last through several projects (aside from the paint colors and clearcoat specifically for the project at hand).

Plastic, metal, fiberglass, mirror, glass, wood, wicker, masonry, plaster, concrete, canvas, ceramics, MDF, laminate and particle board. Matte is very similar to flat paint, satin is akin to an eggshell finish, and gloss is well, glossy. Tell me about specialty spray paints, the metallics, hammered and stone finishes, high heat, chalkboard and frosted species. Would any exterior wood paint work? I’m not going for high gloss as it will be very hard to get a perfect mirror finish. If your looking at a high gloss finish then seal the mdf first,paint with 2 coats of fillet primer and sand flat then paint top coat but you will never manage this with a brush and roller.