How To Plant Boxwood Bushes (DIY Project Download)

How to Plant Boxwood. Boxwood shrubs are low-maintenance plants with a dense, rounded shape. Boxwood thrives in the South and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States, but it can be planted and grown in many climates. Martha Stewart plants a boxwood shrub next to the stone stairway in front of her home. Boxwood hedges grow best in partial shade with protection from hot afternoon sun. To prevent cold injury in winter, do not plant them on a hilltop or other windy area.

how to plant boxwood bushes 2Boxwood shrubs (Buxus spp.) are a popular form of hedge plant, commonly used because of their ability to be pruned into a variety of shapes and sizes. If you want to plant a classic boxwood border, know that boxwood is not an instant hedge. It may take years to see the lush, thick green hedges of an elaborate Edwardian or Colonial garden. I just purchased 25 boxwoods in gallon pots and am preparing soil in order to plant them.

How to Plant a Boxwood Hedge. About 30 species of boxwoods exist for the average homeowner to purchase, the most prevalent being the American and English boxwoods. Boxwood plants may be used as individual specimens, hedges, parterres and groups. Boxwood Shrubs Choosing the Location For Boxwood shrubs select an area that gets partial shade where their roots can benefit from cooler.

When Is A Good Time To Plant Boxwoods?

Q: Dear Grumpy, I need to transplant a boxwood that is in the way of an addition to the house. Step 1 Starting at the bottom of the shrub, wrap cord or twine around the circumference of the plant, making a pattern like the corkscrew stripe on a barbershop pole. Strong sun tends to dull the luster and colors of varieties of littleleaf boxwood that have variegated foliage. This shrub prefers planting sites exposed to the north, northeast, south or southeast. How to plant boxwood hedges.or use artificial boxwood bushes and save the water! Common boxwood is a cold-tolerant shrub or tree that can grow to 20 feet tall or more. All three species thrive in the USDA plant hardiness zones 5 through 8, although some cultivars are more adaptable. It is one of the few evergreen shrubs that is usually not damaged by deer. You can grow boxwood in a wide variety of soil types as long as the pH is alkaline or slightly acidic and the soil is not compacted or poorly drained. Boxwood bushes are great plants for making small or medium-sized hedges and also as specimens in the garden. They are often used as part of the planting around the house, as they can be clipped to control their size and turned into balls, cones or other shapes to make your garden interesting.

How To Plant A Boxwood Hedge

Learn more about boxwood shrubs including how to plant and care for the boxwood plant, plus we have a list of different boxwoods. Boxwood has a use in almost any garden. It can be sheared into neat geometic shapes for a formal garden setting, or left to grow into it’s natural shape for a more casual look. Whether planted as a standalone shrub or compressed together as a border, boxwoods with lush, vivaciously green foliage make the perfect addition to gardens. If you have existing boxwoods growing in your yard, instead of digging around in your wallet for some extra money to buy more, try to propagate more boxwood yourself. We offer the best Boxwood Shrubs, varying in shades of green from dark to emerald. They quickly form thick hedges, they?re low maintenance and easy to shape!.

Boxwood have a root system which is very conducive to transplanting. It is fibrous, slightly larger than the drip line of the plant, with a depth of approximately one third the height of the plant. Learn how to take a cutting and plant it on in this step by step guide.