How To Plant Boxwood In Planter (DIY Project Download)

See more about Planters, Lattice Fence and Boxwood Topiary. Boxwood shrubs are low-maintenance plants with a dense, rounded shape. Boxwood thrives in the South and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States, but it can be planted and grown in many climates. Decide whether to plant boxwood in a garden or a pot. This does not change the manner of planting drastically, but the mobility of a potted plant might suit your needs better than boxwood rooted in the ground. Learn about the care for boxwood in pots and how to plant boxwoods in containers in this article.

how to plant boxwood in planter 2One low-maintenance shrub that makes a good potted plant is the boxwood (Buxus spp). Thriving in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 6 through 9 in well-drained areas, such as raised beds, boxwoods provide many years of service with little care when grown in containers. The trick is to use the right plants, the right size and type of planter, the appropriate soil, regular watering and proper placement of plants. Boxwood is slow growing, and can be tried in weatherproof planters that are a minimum of 40 cm (16 ) deep and wide. The following will provide a guide to help you plant your boxwood. Remove boxwood from the container, and place it in the center of the planting hole.

But thanks to containers, no plant has to be given the cold shoulder! While these potted boxwoods aren’t likely to survive a winter freeze, you can bury them in the ground or bring them inside to a cool place to help them see another spring. I would like to plant boxwood in planters about 5ft long, 3 feet wide and 2 ft high. Some of the more widely grown boxwoods include the following:. Container grown nursery plants are produced in soilless media rather than soil.

How To Pot Boxwood

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