How To Plant Boxwood In Pots (DIY Project Download)

Many boxwood grow slowly so it’s possible to keep them in pots for years. Once a boxwood has outgrown its container, it can be replanted in a larger pot or planted in-ground. If you have existing boxwoods growing in your yard, instead of digging around in your wallet for some extra money to buy more, try to propagate more boxwood yourself. Prepare a pot: There are a variety of ways to prepare a pot for the cuttings. The timing may be based on when you pluck your plants (see plucking). A much more efficient method is to put small pots in trays, fill with the pine bark mixture that all nursery growers use in their pots, and root right in the pots that the plant will spend the next one to two years in.

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Boxwood In Pot

Ivy Clad: Growing Boxwood In Containers